Job Summary


Duration : 10 Days.
Purpose : To produce a 5 minute video of SAYWHAT`s strategic Plan for the next 3 years


SAYWHAT seeks to produce a 5 minute promotional video that will be shared on its social media platforms speaking to the strategic work the institution wishes to embark on for the next 3 years. These Pillars are: Partner, Integrate, Capacitate, Support, and Advocacy.
For more information on the organization, visit our social media platforms:

Reports to: SAYWHAT Information and Communications Coordinator


Duties And Responsibilities


Deliverables CONSULTANT

• In consultation with SAYWHAT, develop a script for the production
• The production should give a composition of the organization
• The promotional video should clearly and MUST give direction of the SAYWHAT Strategic plan.
• Develop voice overs to be used on the video
• To engage with SAYWHAT structures (Board, Secretariat, Graduate Interns, Call Centre Agents, NCC, PCC, and LCC) for interviews
• To produce a 5 minute promotional video on SAYWHAT`s strategic plan
• Submit a final product that speaks to the SAYWHAT Strategic plan for review before finalization.

How To Apply


Submission Candidates who wish to apply for this call should submit their full proposals, budget and comprehensive curriculum vitae to the following email address before close of business on
the 18th of March 2022 at

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