How To Join WhatsApp Beta Program And Get Latest Updates Before Everyone 

We’re sure at this point everybody who uses WhatsApp messenger, has come across or heard of the term WhatsApp Beta Program.
If not then you’re at the right place!
When we read about the upcoming and latest WhatsApp updates, there’s mention of them being available on the WhatsApp Beta program only before they’re released to the public.
How To Join WhatsApp Beta
The Beta program is like the penultimate stage of WhatsApp updates, before they become available for every user, it’s like the testing and perfection stage.
Being part of the Beta program means you’re a tester.
If WhatsApp comes up with new updates, users in the Beta program get to test the new updates and send bug reports to the developers.
Glitches and errors in WhatsApp updates are usually discovered by the beta testers and fixed before the final version goes the masses.
How To Join WhatsApp Beta
It’s easy to get into the beta program although the downside is that it’s only available to a limited number of people (otherwise there’s no point to it being a test!), so you need to join as early as possible or keep trying.
You just go to Google Play store and search for the WhatsApp application.
*NB: You need to have WhatsApp Messenger installed in your phone already for this to work.
Scroll down and you will see the Developer Contact , tap on it and you will be given the option to become a beta tester.
Google Play Store may ask you to switch your email account, which is different from the one you use for WhatsApp in order to get the beta version.
If you’re approved for the WhatsApp beta program, you will be asked to update your WhatsApp and it will automatically switch to Beta WhatsApp.
You will not lose any chats or media from your ordinary WhatsApp and you don’t need to uninstall ordinary WhatsApp either.
Remember you can also leave the beta program, (you’re not being held hostage), just tap on ‘leave the program’ and you’re out.
This means you no longer have the rights of a tester.
To switch to your ordinary WhatsApp just go to the WhatsApp application in Google Play Store and update.
You’ll be automatically be switched back to your ordinary WhatsApp.
Feeling up to a WhatsApp adventure, then  Beta program is it for you!

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