Newly wed couple had been together for just 2 weeks. The husband could not wait 2 go 2 the pub for a drink with his old mates.

So he said to his wife, ”sweetie, I’m just going for a kwik beer, I’ll be back in a flash”. The wife said,” Oh!! u want beer, wait 1 second” She opened the fridge and showed the man all types of beer, Castle, Lion, masese, Carlsberg, Zambezi, Heineken, Budweiser you name it.

She asked him ”choose here honey which one do u want? The husband ,looking dim replied “but sweetie ,at the pub ,they have chilled glasses.”

The wife opened a freezing glass and handed it to the man. The husband, now looking gloomy said” but sweet heart, at the pub they have snacks……” b4 he finished the wife said Oh! ,snacks, come i! n kitch en darling, look what I have cooked for u” she opened the oven and pulled out a tray with chicken wings, bhuruvhosi ,roast beef, mbeva, spare ribs, nzondoras, chimukuyu, the list goes on .

The husband said” now look sweetie pie, at the pub it’s fun, people swear and say a lot of rude words,that’s why we like to go there” At that moment the wife said” now look here DIK-HEAD, drink your F@CKING beer in your MOTHER-F@CKING chilled glass, and eat your GOD-DEM snacks, A$$-HOLE, where the F@CK do u think u are going. Uri MHATA yemunhu haikona!! Tigarire pasi apa ,DUZVI REMUNHU KUTIZA KUSVIRA!!!!!!!” Shit Pamhata pamai vako.

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