It was one of those days when your mind is blank .. because you are too poor to think And too hungry to concentrate .It’s just been month end apa mari yapera nezvikwereti …the landlady is hovering on her verandah and I knew instinctively she wanted her rent money. It was overdue two months arrears .

My husband, Jokoniya, had gone out purporting to “ndichambotsvaga mari”,
Lol,.. semurume aitryer-tryer wo. We had gone through our last meal last night so zvanga zvakapresser, not even bread in the house .I was sitting outside hangu , ndakakiya smart kunge nyoka ..aaah axana kuvhara nhamo hangu noone would guess I hadn’t had lunch .Tsvina ndeyeiko? Chena zvakaoma kudaro,,!
Look good munhamo imomo..!

Landlady passed me going to town and she gave me that chuckle yekuti ,” eh, venhamo”. Me and hubby we were a young couple no kids yet asi very much in love but no money to spend . Munongokaziva kalife kacho.
We were ok, very much bhoo!! Love yanga iri tii!

Well about twenty mins later I saw Baba Nkazana the Landlord come out and head straight to my door. Like a thief in the night, he went quietly past me and I thought he had gone mental .. avo ,straight into my house and I followed in ndiri surprised.

“Kwakanaka here Baba”? I asked innocently …
He said in a low voice ,”shhhh”.listen !!,
“Hauna rent hanti, and you don’t have food in the house?
I have a proposal ,,,,
I’ve watched you uchitambiswa nekamurume kako , karombe. This man is abusing you and it should actually be made illegal to marry a woman you can’t take care of “.
But une twunhu twako wena …u look like you moving house are all these assets yours Ini ah! “Heeeyi”, he said salivating, “those breasts ne mazitako ese ayo, ndonakirwa hangu gore rino”.

“If u allow me to have my way with you, I’ll give you five hundred dollars every month and pay for any other expenses as they arise. My wife has no figure to talk about and she lacks imagination, cant dress can’t walk eish ndatambura! Ndimi vakadzi manje imi anaNakai vakadaro.
“You have what it takes to make my fantasies come true . His eye never left my cleavage all the time You stay with your husband and service me when I want ..(nsa)Here is the deposit of six hundred dollars, take it and live like my second wife or leave it and perish ..we evict you and you and your sorry husband find somewhere to live”.

Veduwee ! Unonzwa kuita weak so.
If you were in my shoes,,,what would you do ?
Take the money and live happily ever after
or decline the offer and become street adults??
Ndiri pa tight anhuwoye..

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