After a few weeks without a maid at home, my wife was beginning to feel the burden of managing the chores in the house. She was quite determined to find another one as soon as possible. School uniforms for the kids  and Portia Mwana WaDhadza PrincaFayathe dishes were the biggest headaches. Then one day, my wife or Mai Sonia as I shall call her, brought this youngish woman, probably mid twenties, chubby face and big round eyes, big bum and very light in complexion. Mai Sonia introduced her as Memo, the new maid. She had just been given her by an old friend. She looked a bit shy and had a very sweet voice. We all welcomed her and she was taken on a tour of our massive house and given an outline of her duties and functions in the house.

For a whole month, everything went well and Memo proved to be more efficient and effective than her  predecessor. The kids liked her and seemed very comfortable with her. Even Mai Sonia seemed very happy with her new finding. Mai Sonia bought her some button up uniforms and strangely, a bit shorter than would have been more appropriate.

Five months later, Memo was washing some few items in the garden at the back of the house. I was having a bath at the time. Mai Sonia had just gone into town and the kids had just disappeared to their friends a few houses down the road. So it appeared Memo felt that she was alone at the house. She was washing some items with her back towards the house. As the small window in our ensuite was open and only covered by a small curtain, I stood in the tub and looked outside, with the small curtain just blown aside by the wind. What I saw shocked me to say the least. There was Mome bending with her her back to me. As her uniforms was so short, all he bums were completely exposed. Not only that, she also did not have panties. Her legs were wide apart and beche’ rese rakanga rakanyatsobuda nekumashure uku.

Weduwe, kutaurirwa hunyimwa, mbare yekumusana. Mind mind just went numb completely and eyes remained fixed on that clean shaven p***y. I did not know what to do. Memo stood up and went to collect something and came back. This time she pulled up her uniform on one leg and bent even more away from me. Beche’ zvino rakanga raita rekuti vhurikei uyezve ainge akaita zvefongorera kwaibva zuva.

Chandisina kungendacherechedza ndechekuti ini wacho, sikarudzi yangu yakanga yachiti nga kuoma sesimbi ichiita zvekugwina. Memo akazopedzisira aita zvekutonona katarisa kumba kwandainge ndiri. Uniform zvino yakanga yadzorwa kusvika kwakaperera zvidya zvake. Semunhu akange asina panties, beche rose rakanga randitarisa zvino. Ndakabata sikarudzi yangu ndikanzwa yavakuburitsa tumvura twunorembuka. Ndakazoyeukazve kuti mvura yangu yekugeza yakange yatopora. Ndakakotama kuti ndiivhurire sezvo ndakange ndapendza kugeza zvangu. Pandazotarisazve

panze ndakaona Memo uya aenda kunoita rimwe basa. Ndakapedza zvangu kupfeka mumba yedu yekurara ndichibva ndanzwa mai Sonia vachipindawo pagedhe nemota yavo.

From that day, I saw Memo in a completely different light. I saw her as a woman with all the attractiveness of a woman. I never told anyone about what I saw on this day. The picture of her p***y was now fixed on my mind all the time. Those nice plumb thighs and the big gap between her legs that allowed beche rese to be exposed was now firmly in my mind. One day, I only discovered that I had left my bank cards at home and yet I had a lunch appointment with a big client. I drove back home to pick them. I had my own remote for the gate and so I just opened the gate and entered.

I parked the car in the driveway and walked round to enter through the kitchen door. I did not see anyone and entered the house. I picked up the letters on the table and started to check their contents. Suddenly, I heard the bathroom door open. Because the house is carpeted, I did not hear any foot steps. Then suddenly appeared Memo completely nude and  holding her towel. She did not realize that I was standing in the other side of the house and so proceeded to the spare bedroom. After a few seconds, she walked back to the bath room, showing me huge bums that were dancing like jelly as she walked. Her waist was so thin and her upper torso was very smallish.

I moved to in line with the corridor and as soon as Memo came out seem to be worried. Akangoti, sorry zvenyu daddy, ndanga ndisingazivi kuti muripo. Akatomira akanditarisa akavhara beche rake chete nemawoko ake. Mazamu ake akanga akanyatsomira aine minyatso takati twi.  Mazamu ake aiwe achiratidza kuti Memo akanga asati ambozvara mwana. Akazopedzisira oti, ndapota zvangu musazotaurira Mhamha kuti ndizvo zvaitika. I just said, in my complete confusion, don’t worry. Its Ok.

She then went into the spare bedroom. Sikarudzi yangu yakange yatomira kare.

I kept on asking myself what is the meaning of all this. I  concluded by saying – if it happens for the third time, then I will have to do something. The problem was now that each time I made love to mai Sonia, I was completely seeing Memo in my mind.

See you in part two.

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