Job Summary



SAYWHAT is inviting suppliers for P3.91 Rental Slim outdoor/indoor LED Screens and Stage Deck. Screens should include all accessories including its cabling and mounting frames for both indoor, outdoor and stage setups. SAYWHAT will invite suppliers to do a short presentation awarding the supplier. Successful supplier will be required to deliver all equipment with no missing accessories, do a demo at SAYWHAT offices and train staff on how to use and manage the screens and stage deck.


Duties And Responsibilities


 P3.91 Rental Slim outdoor/indoor LED Screens
3m x 2m (6sqm)
12 cell/panels
Panel Size 500 x 100m
 LVP615S Video Processor
 Nova Sending Card
 Receiving Card
 Hanging Frames/bars
 Afalight Case packaging
 Flight Case packaging (Accessories)
 All Accessories
 Stage Deck 6m x 4 m with Black Skirting

Qualifications And Experience


Mandatory requirements

Interested current and prospective suppliers are expected to meet the following mandatory requirements

 Contact details, i.e physical, postal, email addresses and phone numbers; Qualifications and experience of the management team and other key technical staff; Company Banking details
 Product /Service lists: Brochures, company profile
 Traceable trade references;
 Certified Copy of CR14
 Certified copy of current Tax Clearance
 Vendor number


How To Apply


Submission Procedure

a) Share all required documentation
b) Attach visuals/brochure/catalogue of the LED Screens to be supplied, including a quotation of all equipment and delivery time.

Applications to be received not later than Friday 17 March 2021 may be posted, or hand delivered to:

The Procurement Committee
Students And Youths Working on reproductive Health Action Team (SAYWHAT)
24 Jefferson Road, Logan Park


NB: Only successful applicants will be contacted after the evaluation process. SAYWHAT reserves the right to accept or reject any application.



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