Most of the times its just haa mukadzi wacho i danda, haagone kubata murume, beche rake rinosura and the like. As if varume vacho are good themselves. But of cz this is because most men are selfish, not caring to know whether their patner is enjoying themselves or not, not listening to what the woman wants but doing what they think. I will tell you of one such incidence, and women wouldn’t dare complain lest she is labelled a hure.

It was on a Saturday afternoon and i had gone back to my hometown kwandakabarwa kuMakomoyo kwaMutare. I then met my high school sweetheart muSpar pafruit and vege paye ndichitoda hangu kutenga magrapes. We were so excited to meet after about 10years or so. I had last seen him ndichiri muform4. So we exchanged numbers and promised to get in touch before i went back to SA kunova ndiko kwandanga ndakugara. Hazvina kumbomutorera nguva he called me around 6 pm asking whether i had plans for that night.

I quickly agreed remembering the chemistry we had back then. It was just soo soo hot. And we were the envy of pple paskuru pedu paDominic apa. Saka we met and even just his hug turned me on. He was looking quite good though saka y not. Anga ajoiner chipurisa and i just though kuti haa mari yeparoad tichamboidya nhasi. But semunhu anga asuwa kumusha i ddnt want anything fancy i just wanted things that reminded of home. So we bought a shwammer paSizzlas and some drinks ndobva takubaya paden pake.

All along he had been smoking but i decided to ignore it. ko wat did i know. Takapinda mumba and he started kissing me. The kiss was so eeuww. Yaivava plus kushata plus kunhuwa. I think anga achitombomwa masese chaiwo but that killed the vibe for me totally. I wish i could have told him to buy mints or brush his teeth or something because eish. I literally wanted to throw up. His kisses started moving downward achindikisser kisser muhuro then i thought, thats better. I could live with that. Hameno akamuudza kuti vakadzi vanoda kukiswa munzeve iyeye bcz akabva aisa rurimi rwake rwese munzeve mangu. And i started feeling like ndapindwa nemvura munzeve and it was irritating. I tried to move my head ndichida kutizisa nzeva yangu but eish, he insisted on putting his tongoue in my ears. Akabva andipushira pabed akasimudza dress rangu kusvika kuhuro. Ndokutanga kundi bata bata. Akatryer kubvisa bra akakundikana. I had to remove it myself.

Akabva atanga kubata mazamu angu. He started pulling at my nipples as if ari kukama mukaka. Its not because my boobs are small even. Im a 42DD for crying out loud. I tried to get the feeling but eish. Worse off hameno kuti hapwa dzake dzakapedzisira kushavwa rinhi. I could smell his perfume but it was being overpowered by the smell of his sweat. Dnt get me wrong here, the smell of sweat can be sexy especially if its fresh sweat but certainly not yaane 5 years isiri kugezwa. Shaving is just not for beard only guys. Even for your arm pits and yo penis area. If u want me to suck yo balls how can i do it ndichingonanzva choya chichipinda mumazino. But anyways back to the story. I couldn’t say anything though.

I ddnt want to damage his ego so i just lay there. Even simba rekuita romance him back rakabva rapera. I like finger fuking but this time haa zvakandikona. Akaisa my pant paside and started rubbing my clitoris. But it was painful. Worse of panga pasina kana lubrication because i wasn’t even turned on. But i decided kuti for old times sake let me give him the experience. So i started massaging his dick and it got harder. Precum yanga yakudripper so. So i just started kuizorera pachimsoro chiya masterbating him. He decided he wanted a blow job and i though y not. After all i enjoy giving those saka surely that would turn me on as well. Saka i started blowing him and i could feel his penis getting harder.

But i was struggling. His panties smelled of urine iya yechidhakwa iri strong. But at least blowing him that helped cz ndakatombototerera. Heino pachirongwa chesviro chaicho. I lay bak achida kuti apfeke condom. Apa akatanga kushaya kuti amaisa papi. Paakazoriwana he struggled opening it zvekuti even zemo rese randanga ndazama kuita build up it just slept away. I think it took him not less than 10mins just to wear a condom. When he finished his erection was now weak, but iye aingonda kupinza chete. He struggled kupinda and apinda kudaro it was at an awkard angle yekuti i was in pain. I tried adjusting myself but iye haa aingonyondera mbora yake imomo. So long yapinda. I doubt kuti aitomboziva kuti beche rinenge riri papi chaizvo.

After all there was no more lubrication saka ndaitorwadziwa.Then he started fucking me. It ws such a laid back fuck kunge munhu arikurwara asina kana energy zvake Anga asina kana rhythm zvekuti even kukoira i couldnt. But sezvineiweo sebeche rinenge rine chinhu mukati i started feeling him somehow but hazvina kumbomutorera time from then and he came, rolled over and started snoring. That was the worst fuck ever. Thank goodness he was neither my first nor last otherwise ma1. I would never know wat an orgasm is.

But this should be a learning curve for most guys. So im going to write down key things to note when you are having sex with your woman

1. Listen- listen to wat her body is telling you, not wat u think will excite her. Because wat works for Jane may not work for Chipo and neither will it work for Tracy but might work for Rudo. And if u find her sensitive spots, work on those but not kuzoita sika sika nazvo. Excitement inobva yapera. Unomboita tease her on those spots. And if she doesn’t like a certain move wosiyawo kwete kuti sika sika nazvo nekuti zvaipengesa Jane.

2. Be smart- hygiene is very important and it shouldn’t be one sided kuti mukadzi ndiye anofanira kungogeza beche rake. Brush yo teeth, shave yo arm pits and use roll on, especially for active people so that u just safe guard yoself. Don’t wear one pair of socks the whole week. Masocks achipa aya. Also put powder in yo shoes just before wearing them and have days when you aerate them. Also take to wearing open shoes sometimes. If u smoke just keep mamints mahalls aye ari powerful that u chew here and there and brush your teeth more times than non smokers. U want yo patner kuti anakirwe nekiss yako ka

3. Know yo game. I know every person is unique but find out kuti zvinoitwa sei and what turns u on yoself. If its watching p0rn womboonawo kuti zamu rinobatwa sei, wat positions there are out there, rhythm yakamira sei. Tok to yo frenz abt sex usazviite shasha and think u know it all. Kana kutsvaga sugar mummy yako inokudzidzisa zvinoita futi. Read books about sex( if u are reading this you are in the right direction).

4. Be sensitive- understand her mood, calm he fears, reassure her. Make sure her mind is ready for it. Ukamubata zvisirizvo be quick to correct it. Know kuti haasati alubricated so that usangobairira. If u need aid yelube use it. u can even use Vaseline or yo saliva kuti zviite

5. Be assertive- Take charge. Its so sexy for a man to be in charge of a situation. Kwete kuita kunge unotya kumubata. Kuita kunge usingazive zvauri kuita. Even if u are not sure of what you are doing just be confident and it will work wonders.