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Financial Institutions
This workplace helps formulate coverage on economic establishments and government-sponsored enterprises, cybersecurity and necessary infrastructure protection.

Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection

The Office of Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection coordinates the Department’s efforts to beautify the security and resilience of economic services zone quintessential infrastructure and decrease operational risk. The workplace works closely with economic zone companies, enterprise groups, and authorities partners to share information about cybersecurity and bodily threats and vulnerabilities, inspire the use of baseline protections and fine practices, and reply to and get better from extensive incidents.

G7 Fundamental Elements of Cyber Exercise Program Press Statement Published
G7 Fundamental Elements of Cyber Exercise Programs November 2020 Published

Financial stability oversight council

The Council is charged with figuring out risks to the financial stability of the United States; merchandising market discipline; and responding to rising dangers to the stability of the United States’ monetary system. The Council consists of 10 voting contributors and 5 nonvoting individuals and brings together the understanding of federal monetary regulators, state regulators, and an independent insurance specialist appointed with the aid of the President.

Financial institutions policy

The Office of Financial Institutions Policy develops, analyzes, and coordinates the Department’s insurance policies on legislative and regulatory issues affecting monetary institutions, such as depository institutions, government-sponsored enterprises, securities firms, finance companies, mutual funds, auditing firms, and all other regulated and unregulated financial intermediaries. The Office’s major focus is on problems dealing with protection and soundness, market structure, condition, and competitiveness, and regulatory structure.

The Current Expected Credit Loss Accounting Standard and Financial Institution Regulatory Capital (September 15, 2020)
Federal Insurance Office
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act installed Treasury’s Federal Insurance Office (FIO) and vested FIO with the authority to display all elements of the insurance sector, screen the extent to which traditionally underserved communities and buyers have get entry to to affordable non-health insurance products, and to characterize the United States on prudential factors of international insurance matters, such as at the International Association of Insurance Supervisors. In addition, serves as an advisory member of the Financial Stability Oversight Council, assists the Secretary with administration of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program, and advises the Secretary on necessary countrywide and worldwide insurance plan matters.

Federal Insurance Office (FIO)
Terrorism Risk Insurance Program (TRIP)

Community and economic development

Community Economic Development, coordinates coverage on the following areas: small commercial enterprise finance and development; housing policy; neighborhood and financial development; capital access; and problems associated to underserved communities.

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