5 Whatsapp Spy Settings To Change On Your Phone Right Now.

Lets get a little crazy and leave the normal side of whatapp by changing a few whatsapp settings.

Hide Last Seen

Your WhatsApp privacy settings allow any user to view your “last seen” status, and somehow most people take advantage of that and expect instant message reply. Here is how to change this,

  • go to “Settings,”
  • click “Account”
  • “Privacy” > “Last Seen.” Here, you can tweak your settings so only your contacts can see when you were last using the app, or so no one can.

However, a little warning — if you hide your “last seen” data, you won’t be able to see anyone else’s.

Stop everyone from Knowing you read their message by default.

You can also stop WhatsApp from showing someone else read the notification. That is, no one can find out you read their message or not. The only disadvantage is that once you check this option, You also can not determine when your message was read by others.


  1. Open your WhatsApp and
  2. tap three vertical dots icon on the top right of your screen.
  3. Now move to Settings
  4.  Account
  5.  Privacy.
  6. Uncheck Read receipts.

Mark Message As Unread

Sometimes you need more time to respond to a message because you will be busy to reply, hence you can mark it as unread then in your free time you reply.

For those who want to be spies, the feature can also help. You can read one’s message and get away with it, “How nice!” After reading or even sending evidence to your phone, you can make the message as unread. The message will still show a green icon like a new message. The owner will not even notice the difference and the spy team will have succeeded.

Make use of those Whatsapp spy settings and also get protected from Whatsapp common questions especially on blueticks.

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