Anonymously open anyone’s WhatsApp Status

Anonymously open anyone's WhatsApp Status
Anonymously open anyone’s WhatsApp Status

In 2017 instant messaging platform WhatsApp raised a few eyebrows after making a radical update. The Facebook-owned company introduced the new improved status feature, more commonly known as WhatsApp stories, allowing users to share text, photographs and video content that disappear after 24hours. However, not everyone is happy with the upgrade. Some have complained about how others can notice that they have viewed their statuses. Anyways, don’t lose hope yet, there are a few ways to get past this, see the list below.

1. Official Method: Turn off Read Receipts

One of the easiest ways which you can apply to view someone’s status anonymously is to turn off read receipts. Turning off read receipts enables you to view someone’s status discretely. But here’s the catch, you won’t be able to see who sees your status as well. If you do not mind not being able to see who has seen your status, then this is the perfect method for you. How to turn off read receipt. Follow the instructions below.

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone.
  • Go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy, and turn off Read Receipts.
  • Now, go to the particular contact’s status and view their updates.
  • Keep Read Receipts turned off until after the particular status has expired.

2. Open Status media from Statuses folder

Downloading a file manager application on Google Playstore and using it to access data automatically downloaded from WhatsApp into your phone is also another simple hack you can apply to secretly view someone’s status. This is because WhatsApp sometimes pre-downloads the photos or videos that your contacts upload. And since you open the status outside the application, the view status will remain unseen by your contacts. This method, however, doesn’t support viewing text updates.

 3: Use WhatsApp

Another trick which you can use to view status updates without notifying your contacts is by using WhatsApp on your computer through WhatsApp web. Please note that when you open your Whatsapp web you will have to open it in incognito mode. After doing this, you will have to view the status in offline mode and then close the browser window before you connect to the Internet. That way, any status viewed activity stored on your computer will be automatically deleted.

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