ClearlyRated’s Guide to the Best Phoenix Law Firms

If you’re in the market for a Phoenix law firm, you’ve probably heard of ClearlyRated, a site that provides litigation funding for lawyers. This website ranks law firms and publishes a list of the Top 100. Phoenix is a city where businesses are flourishing, and ClearlyRated’s list is no exception. But how do you know which law firm is right for you? The list below is a handy guide to the best Phoenix law firms available.

ClearlyRated helps you find the best phoenix law firms

The Best Arizona Law Firms – ClearlyRated helps you find the top Phoenix law firms by measuring their client satisfaction. The best law firms earn a 50% Net Promoter Score, indicating they have excellent client service. Using a comprehensive database, ClearlyRated enables you to find the best Arizona law firms by specialty, including litigation, bankruptcy, and personal injury. In addition, each law firm is ranked by its own NPS score, making it easy to find the perfect Phoenix attorney for your legal needs.

ClearlyRated provides litigation financing for phoenix law firms

ClearlyRated is a litigation finance company that assists law firms in paying out of pocket expenses associated with lawsuits. The company works with Phoenix-area law firms, including Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, P.L.C., which has been named among the “Best Law Firms” for 2022 by U.S. News & World Report. The firm has received Tier 1 National Rankings in Energy Law and Appellate Practice. It has also been named a Metropolitan Ranking in 46 practice areas, including commercial litigation and corporate law.

ClearlyRated publishes a list of the top ten phoenix law firms

ClearlyRated’s ranking of Phoenix law firms is based on a survey of local attorneys. The survey covers the number of attorneys, support staff, total employment, managing partner, and year of founding the firm. A 50% Net Promoter (NP) score indicates an outstanding level of client service. To receive a ClearlyRated ranking, a law firm must have a minimum 50% NPS score.

ClearlyRated helps you find the best Scottsdale law firms

ClearlyRated is an online directory that ranks law firms by client satisfaction and service quality. To earn the Best of Legal award, a law firm must have a Net Promoter score of 50 percent or higher. Client satisfaction is a critical component of providing excellent service, and ClearlyRated’s Best of Legal methodology measures this. It ranks law firms based on their clients’ responses to third-party validated surveys. ClearlyRated is a great way to find the best Scottsdale law firms, including those that have top-rated attorneys and those that practice in a particular specialty.

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