New Exciting Updates On FMWhatsApp V8.35

FMWhatsApp has New Exciting Updates  that were added on V8.35 version. These features makes FMWhatsApp to look good and so exciting to use it.  This new version has a lot of  new exciting feature that makes users go crazy. It is very different from the ordinary WhatsApp that do not have exciting features, it only allows chatting, video calling and voice calling. However FMWhatsApp has a lot of new features. Below is the list of the changes that are so exciting and that makes FMWhatsApp a better application to use.

Here are the changes

  1. Added: Separate Group Tab for bottom bar
  2. Added: Group chats now have separate tab (optional)
  3. Added: Dubai (Arabic) font
  4. Fixed “App Not Installed” error
  5. Fixed Fingerprint timeout randomly switches to “Immediately
  6. Fixed: Swipe between screens when Swipe Row is enabled
  7. Improved: Switch Light/Dark Mode will save your current settings and restore it when switching
  8. Fixed: Swipe between screens when Swipe row is enabled
  9. Improved fonts preview
  10. Fixed: Hide second tick
  11. Fixed: IG Status disappearing
  12. Fixed: WhatsApp emojis/stickers show in phone gallery
  13. Fixed: Bottom bar not working in Urdu language
  14. Fixed: Group description not clear in Dark Mode
  15. Custom Privacy checkbox not showing in RTL languages
  16. Misc: Improved (Arabic, Urdu, German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian) Translations
  17. Note: Returned default UI to tabs
  18. Known bug: Unread counter flicker when group tab enabled
  19. {Misc} More bug fixes and improvements

Other Exciting features that FMWhatsApp have:

  1. You can restart the FMWhatsApp while its open
  2. You can put the FMWhatsApp on flight mode while it is open
  3. You can message a number
  4. Create new groups
  5. New broadcast
  6. See starred messages


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