Remember nyaya yangu iya yeSpit-roast? Well, the girl I used to share the house with, Mavis, akazoitawo boyfriend and she moved him in to stay in the house with us. We shared a 2 bed house and I was using the smaller bedroom. All was well and I was happy for Mavis kuti she had managed to find love … and moved it into our house.

The guy, Chamu, akanga akashata zvekuti bhe. He was coal black in complexion and thin. Really not my type. But, he was not mine so I guess as long my Mavis was happy, my opinion did not matter really. We all stayed together zvakanaka and respected each other zvakanakawo fani until one day.

Ndakange ndiri mukitchen hangu preparing lunch and minding my own, when Chamu walked in. He was just smiling and chatty as usual but this time masasi ake akange ari a bit different. He said some really flattering things to me. Hanzi, ‘I keep wanting to tell you something unoziva, but I don’t want to get into trouble.’ Ini ok taura tinzwe Chamu, why would I want to get you into trouble? I really did not expect to hear what he said next. Hanzi … ‘You look very beautiful sha … much better than my girlfriend.’

At that time, I was just finishing preparing salad yangu. I was very shocked! Disgusted actually because I thought oh my god this guy likes me! This ugly man! I did not want to express my disgust so I played into his net to massage my ego a little. I said, “Oh really … Chamu ka. Kikiki.” Ndakasekerera zvangu. I could tell he really wanted to please me. Paakaona ndichisekerera kudaro, zvakamufadza ndokubva aenderera mberi achiti, ‘To me you look like a pudding sha … I really find you appetizing!’ Pwaa, ndakatoseka hangu. Kutoita pidigu dhii mupfungwa dzangu nekuseka, because I thought the clown was really funny! lol.

However, seriously though, nothing turns me on more than a man declaring he basically wants to f*ck me. Chamu was gagging for it. Akange achitondida. Apa all along Mavis had only popped out to the post office. I had this loyalty thing to her yekuti I really did not want to destroy the trust that she had in me. So I just played Chamu down and told him that he really must be out of his mind. I said, “Your girlfriend really loves you. You really should stick with her and not look around for pudding!”

We laughed it off hedu but I could tell kuti Chamu akange achitondida zvemaserious. When Mavis got back from the post office, we just carried on with life as normal and I did not tell her that her boyfriend had said some ‘nice things’ to me. I was never going to tell her. Ever!

2 days later, Mavis akaenda kunight shift on the Thursday as usual. Chamu was at home and it was just me and him at home. All night, as usual. I went kunorara hangu kuma 9pm. Ah! At 9.30pm, there was a knock on my door. I said “Come in”, knowing hangu kuti it was Chamu there.

Akavhura door zvishoma and stood at there with his hand still on the door handle. I asked what he wanted, as if akange akutondinetsa. He said, ‘Sha … zvaakundiomera … I can’t stop thinking about you. I really need you.’ Ndakaseka hangu nechemumoyo because I knew I really did not find him attractive and he was making a fool of himself barking up the wrong tree. I told him to go back to his room or I would tell Mavis.

He quietly retreated back to his room kunge imbwa yatukwa kunzi futseki. I felt a little bit bad for speaking to him that way. Husiku hwese handina kurara. I was thinking about how mean I had been to him. I thought maybe this was such a great opportunity on the table. I thought how stupid I was being!

I thought, I could actually get f*cked by this ugly man who really likes me and no one would ever know! I wondered if he had a big d*ck. I wondered if his d*ck as dark as his face! As I drifted in my thoughts, I felt a treacle of pusssyy-juice soaking my panties. I reached for my pusssyy with my fingers and pleasured myself imagining his black d*ck inside it.

I thought, maybe I should get him to eat my pusssyy. I even wandered if I should sprinkle some sugar on my pusssyy and get him to eat it … as if it were pudding. Uummm! I thought of him bending me over and squeezing my breast. These thoughts drove me mental and I came on my fingers thinking about Chamu. Iye Chamu wacho was only 3 meters away from me, in his bedroom. Kutofa zvangu nenyota, iwo makumbo ari mumvuraso!

The thought of it played on my mind all night. The more I thought about it, ndakabva ndatanga kunzwa kuda kusvirwa. I really wanted to abuse him and get him to do things to please me. The guy looked like he could do anything for me. At that time, ndakange ndisina boyfriend and although I had enjoyed my threesome with Marshal and Tendai, I had not had any more action since. It had now been 3 months without getting laid and I really wanted some. So I slept on that thought and felt really bad for turning Chamu down.

However, turning him down seemed the right thing to do. After all, my loyalty was to my friend, right? Or was it? Ndakaramba ndichifunga and then decided, f*ck it! I want to have some fun. I began planning for the next night … because I knew that Mavis was at work again

The next night, Mavis left for work as usual. 9pm, I went to have a shower. As I walked out of the bathroom, I bumped into Chamu! Ndakange ndiine katowel wrapped around me. Katowel kacho, kakange kachigumira pakaperera magaro angu. My body was wet and dripping mvura! We just said hi-hi to each other ndikabva ndaenda hangu kubedroom kwangu.

I could only imagine what was going through his horny mind… Ummm… a nice clean beautiful woman that I want to eat and f*ck! Munongozivawo manyemwe epudding. Anopa kahavi kanototesa mukanwa! Mate kutozara mumukanwa nefuro zvese. Kahavi kacho ukasakazadzisa, huro inongohwa nekumedza mate!

Ndakapinda mubedroom mangu and began putting my plan into action. I normally put lotion on my skin. The likes of Cocoa butter, Aloe Vera but, nhasi wacho, I was using Vaseline or nombo as we called it kumission, kuboarding school! There was a good reason why I was doing this. I figured kuti, if he should eat me, I wanted him to taste me and not the Cocoa butter or Aloe Vera.

I imagined him achindidya zvidya zvangu nekundikokota ganda rangu, mazamhu, beche, nemhata – zvese, using his tongue! Saka ndakazora nombo yangu zvinyoro-nyoro ndichiziva hangu chinangwa changu. I heard him go and have a shower. He got back to his bedroom. An hour later, he had switched his light off and well, gone to bed! I was wearing a pink G-string and a dressing gown. Takange tiri muwinter, so I wore a dressing gown that was fluffy and warm. Very comfy against my skin. I watched tv in my room for a bit. All along thinking, should I… or shouldn’t I? Chamu by now was fast asleep and I could hear him ava kutoridza ngonono!

I opened my bedroom door and went downstairs to check that both the back and front doors were locked. I even left a key inside the front door so that Mavis would not be able to put her key in from the outside to unlock the door, if she came back from work for whatever reason. As if that wasn’t enough, ndakatumira Mavis a text to ask how her night shift was going. She said it was a very busy night as they were one member of staff short. Bingo!

There was no way yaaikwanisa kudzoka kumba that night zviya zvesurprise. I really had her man all to myself husiku hwese. So I decided to go for it! Ndakadzokera kubedroom kwangu and dropped my dressing gown to the floor. Ndakasara ndakangopfeka zvangu kaG-string kakange kakanyatsonyura mumatako angu mushe-mushe.

I walked out of my room and into his bedroom. I did not knock. I just opened his door and walked right in. I heard him turn in his sleep to acknowledge the commotion yandakange ndichikonzera in his bedroom. But he was way too asleep to know who had entered or what was going on. I sneaked in under his duvet and got into his bed. He turned around to give me a cuddle. I realised that he had not realised kuti pudding yakange yauya and was in his bed! His body was nice and warm.

He began stroking my back… and as he did so, he suddenly realised that it was not his girlfriend in bed with him! I think Mavis ane mapundu kumusana or something because my back is so shockingly smooth. Kana mosquito inotsvedza nekushaya pekubatirira! Hanzi, ‘Hoo ndiwe!’ And I said, “Hanti ndozvawaida nezuro.” He couldn’t believe his luck! I think pfungwa dzake dzaitotenda mudzimu wake achiti, zvauya zvega! Dream come true chaiyo! He began kissing me takarara kudaro facing each other. He was dressed in just his boxers. The light was off. He paused kissing me and got out of bed kunobatidza light. Ndakamurambidza kubatidza light racho. I told him to leave it rakadzimwa!

I did this because I did not want to be put off by the sight of him. I wanted to imagine kuti he was some kind of prince charming murima macho. He then insisted on a bit of light, so I allowed him to dim the light very low. I stood up to meet him by the door where the light switch was. We kissed some more and he was very keen to cease the opportunity.

I was curious to see what Chamu had… under his boxers and what he could do with it! He made me sit at the edge of the bed and pushed my shoulders back ndokubva ndarara on my back. Akapfugama in front of me and lifted my legs up and apart! He went straight to put his big mouth onto my G-string covered pusssyy. Very manly, I thought! He seemed to get straight down to business. Most girls love men who just get on with it like this, so do I! He opened his mouth to eat my pusssyy zvine karough mukati mbijana! No doubt my G-string and pusssyy were soaking wet by now. He wasn’t messing about!

Beche kana risati rambobatwa-batwa for a few months, haritani kunzwira kunakirwa. Amai! Ndakanzwa kakudziya muviri wose Chamu paakadhonzera G-string to one side, ndokundinama buri rebeche nerurimi rwake! His tongue was long and rough. Karough kaye kanenge kesand-paper.

His lips akange ari very thick and aine texture inenge yeguru. I really needed kukweshwa-kweshwa beche, just like that! I closed my eyes as he did that… ooohh. It is amazing what you can feel with your eyes closed, or in the dark. I really loved it!

Akasvisvina matinji angu nekusveta buri rangu. I felt him suck out my pusssyy-juice and swallow it! There was plenty of juice coming out of my hole. His technique was truly master class. Shame really as it was wasted on Mavis. She wasn’t the type of girl who appreciated or returned favours like that. Mavis was a self-confessed; Handidye mboro ini! So I knew he had not been getting blow jobs from her.

My advantage really, as I absolutely love sucking d*ck! I was prepared to give him what his girlfriend detested. It kind of made me feel special. I like doing things like that, zvisingaitwe nevamwe vakadzi. That’s what makes the men that I have f*cked before want to come back for more. Askanaka, varume vanongodawo kungopihwa zvinovafadzawo so!

I stood up. We kissed some more and I told him how good he made me feel when he was eating my pusssyy. He liked me telling him how I felt – so honestly and openly! Ndakazvuva his boxers down and he kicked them away as they got to his feet. I then made him lie-down where I had been lying and I knelt down in front of him.

He seemed unsure about what I was doing, because he wasn’t expecting it really! Ini I was just about to return the favour. I was thinking all along, I hope this is worth it. I thought that way because I still had not felt his d*ck, to judge if it was nice and big. I reached my hands out and rubbed his thighs. I worked my hands – each hand on each thigh – up his thighs towards machende ake.

I leaned forward and kissed machende ake. I heard him acknowledge the pleasure with groans and moans. ‘Aaa bhebhi, aahh!’ I rubbed his nuts with my hands. Then lowered my head and opened my mouth – wide! I sucked machende ake ndichiyedza kuakabira ese ari two. He absolutely loved it… ende mboro yake, yakange yamira kuti twii! I could feel it rubbing against matama angu as I sucked his balls. I then moved my mouth going up his d*ck from machende.

Ndakainhanzva-nhanzva mboro yake handsfree, working my way up to its bell-end. With each lick, I got more and more excited because the d*ck shaft felt longer and longer! At one point, I put my whole face against his d*ck, my chin iri pamachende ake. His d*ck was actually longer than my face! I then grabbed it with my hands and felt this amazing d*ck yakange yakakora nekureba! Amana! At this point I even forgot how ugly Chamu was. In fact, this was the point that I stopped caring about how ugly he was! I had just gained enough respect for him nezimboro rake!

Zimboro raChamu rakange ramira zvino, tsinga dzaro dzazvimba! I could not see it mushe nekarima muroom, but I felt it in my hands and mouth. I sucked his d*ck and pushed it deep into my mouth, in and out, in and out. He cried with pleasure! Hanzi, ‘Bhebhi you are the best… maihwee bhebhi aaa… ahhh!’ My mouth was working the top of his d*ck while my hands were working its base. He was so overwhelmed by it! I really enjoyed his reaction to the blow-job!

He got up and pulled my G-string off while kissing me really hard. Then he pushed me onto the bed. Within seconds he was on top of me! Muviri wake was not heavy on me, I liked that. He kissed me and his hand reached for my pusssyy. He pushed a finger into my soaking wet pusssyy. Hanzi, ‘Ahh bhebhi… you are so tight, ahh… that is so nice!’ He grabbed his d*ck and pointed it at my pusssyy.

As he did that, he suffocated me with more hard kissing, as if to stop me saying something stupid like – Stop let me think about this! He pushed musoro wemboro yake into my pusssyy mbijana and stopped to see if I was ok and comfortable. Chamu knew very well that his d*ck was too big for my tight pusssyy!

He kept his lips sealed onto mine. Akagomera as he tried to push his d*ck harder into my tight hole! Slowly but surely, zimboro rake rakapinda mubeche rangu. He screwed my pusssyy slowly, advanced zimboro rake deeper and deeper…

When I was comfortable, Chamu akatanga kundipomba, achikoira! He made love to me zvakanakawo! He took his time circling each stroke while pushing it in deeper. I loved it very much. I caressed his back as he made love to me. Mboro yake payakazosvika kucervix, ndakagwinha because it had been a while since I had a d*ck inside me that deep. It was ticklish, sore and nice at the same time! Zimboro raChamu rakange randizadza zvino.

I was very, very wet down there and he loved the lubrication. Hanzi, ‘Bhebhi unonaka… shuu shuuu, bhebhi! Amai kani… ahhh… bhebhi unonaka!’ Aiita semunhu ari kudetemba unonzwa! It was extremely arousing. I couldn’t hold back and had an orgasm ipapo! He made his strokes harder and even deeper as I cried cumming! One of the best orgasms I have ever had! Then I felt my body go weak. Ipapo, he positioned himself better pamusoro pangu and drilled my pusssyy! iii!

His chest was against my boobs at one point and his d*ck was hammering into me. Akazotunda mubeche rangu, 10mins later, tiri in that same position. Chamu could really hold his erection and he knew how to enjoy pusssyy. My kind of guy really! When the deed was done, takarara hedu side by side tichifemuruka heavily. He was sweating – quite understably! I couldn’t believe we had just done this. It felt sooo good and was well worth it!

After cooling down, I got up to leave his bedroom. He asked me where I was going. I said to the toilet. Iye akabva ati, ‘After that, udzoke kuno.’ I thought, What! and asked, “For What?” He replied, ‘Zvawatanga izvi… I want some more bhebhi. Please come back.’ I told him zvaakange andisvira izvozvo zvakange zvakwana for the night. He said, ‘Ok, come back anyway and I will hug you before you go back to bed then.’ I did not respond. I went to the toilet and then sneaked back to my room. I had hoped to get into my room and quickly lock my door!

I jumped when I walked into my bedroom and realized that Chamu was lying in my bed! Clever, sneaky bastard had beaten me to it! I thought to myself, maihweee… what trouble have I got myself into now! When he saw how surprised I was, Chamu akatoseka huyanga zvake achiridza tutsamwa and then said, ‘Have some rest for an hour or so and I will wake you up for some more bhebhi!’

Watch out for part two

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