How To Customize Conversation Screen on FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp has a lot of good and exciting features that will keep on amazing its own users. Most of FMWhatsApp users do not now what the application is capable of doing in terms of customization. One can customize the conversation screen on FMWhatsApp and change it to a preferred design.

Steps to follow when customizing conversation screen

(i) Down load, Install FMWhatsApp on your device and open the application
(ii) Click the three dots on far top right

FMWhatsApp’s menu options

(iii) Click the word Fouad Mods
(iv) Go straight to were it is written Conversation Screen

Action Bar

1. You can change color of action bar  on chat screen to the color you want
2. You can hide contact profile picture by removing the picture from the header in the conversation screen
3. You can hide the contact name.  hides the name of the person you are talking to
4. You can hide call button. hide call button from conversation action bar
5. You can disable contact status. removes the contact status line that is under the header in conversation
6. You can change general contact status background in conversation screen

Bubble and Ticks

1. You can change ticks style
2. You can chose your chat bubbles style
3. You can set chat text size
4. You can change the color of the time inside the right bubble
5. You can delete message icon color


1. You can see contact pic on every message
2. Chat My Pic , shows your pic on every chat message
3. Participant Pic Group. It shows your pic on every group message

Conversation Entry Style

1. Conversation Entry Style, Change the style of the Bottom Entry in Conversation screen

More options

1. You can change Emoji popup header color
2. You can change Emoji popup icons color
3. You can change Emoji popup background color
4. You can change Hyperlinks color in chat bubbles
5. You can change date and missed call bubbles background color

*NB* This is how you customize conversation screen on FMWhatsApp

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