How To Customize Your FMWhatsApp Account

Safety is the main prime issue which is needed by people before they download and use the FMWhatsApp application. There are so many issues around leaking of some private and confidential staff , so people are now scared of sharing such information on FMWhatsApp.

The leaking of some staff on FMWhatsApp is not that the application do not have all the safety features that are needed for privacy. However below are steps followed when you want to customize your FMWhatsApp account.

  1. Download and install FMWhatsApp application
  2. Open your FMWhatsApp
  3. Go and click three dots on far top  right. Those dots represent FMWhatsApp settings.
  4. Click were it is written Settings
  5. Click the word Account
  6. Chose and click Privacy. There you can change the last seen from everyone to no one. You can also chose to to hide your profile picture. Again you can mute all groups and disable live location. Moreover, you can block and see unwanted contacts.
  7. Chose and Click Security. You can chose to put password or fingerprint as  FMWhatsApp lock.
  8. Two-step verification this is for added security, and it enables verification which will require a PIN when registering your phone number with FMWhatsApp again.
  9. Change Number. Changing your phone number will migrate your account info, groups and settings. If you have both a new  phone and number, first change your number on your old phone.
  10. Request account info. Create a report of your FMWhatsApp account info and settings which you can access or port to another app. This report does not include your messages.
  11. Delete my account. (i) Delete your account from FMWhatsApp. (ii) Erase your message history. (iii) Delete you from all groups.
  12. Change number instead.  To delete your account, confirm your country code and enter your phone number.

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