How to enable Dark Mode on Instagram.

Using your cellphone at night may cause eyesight problems, However many fail to heed the warning and use their devices late into the night. Phone makers in a bid to protect their customers have added the Dark Mode feature. Dark Mode is the best in that it gives a soothing rest to your battery as well as your eyes. It’s a must-have feature for those who normally make use of their phones at night. You can turn off the light and still make use of your phone without any complication

Using apps in dark mode can also help improve your phone’s battery because white pixels draw more power than black ones. If any of your applications have a dark mode,it’s wise to activate it. Today we will be learning how to activate Dark Mode on Instagram.

Instagram’s dark mode just looks good, it is somewhat unique. One needs to have Android 10, the latest Android OS, to access Dark Mode on his/her phone.

Steps to enable Instagram Dark Mode:

  1. Check if you already have Android 10 or update you to it.
  2. After you’ve updated to Android 10, turn on your Dark Mode by going to Settings > Display, then Dark Theme.
  3.  Dark Mode can also be enabled via Battery Saving Mode by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver. The two are connected now, as Dark Mode saves battery life,
  4. Open the Instagram app.

Now, Dark Mode will be active in your Instagram app when you have it turned on in your phone settings, and you’ll be able to scroll with it until you turn off Dark Mode on your phone.

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