FM Whatsapp which has gained massive popularity because of its amazing features. One might be wondering why their friends Whatsapp has features that are Instagram-like Stories on their status.

FM Whatsapp has a number of crazy features that make it different from the original Whatsapp. Most people have moved from the original Whatsapp to this unofficial Whatsapp.

Unofficial in the sense that these applications are not on Play Store, they are modified from the original Whatsapp.

This Application is a modified version of WhatsApp which is customized according to one’s need.

Here is the trick to change your FM Whatsapp status to an amazing Instagram-like Stories.

  1. First, you have t move from the original Whatsapp by downloading FM Whatsapp.
  2. Install the new Whatsapp
  3. Open your Whatsapp and tap on the menu tab, ( three dots that appear at the top right corner)
  4. Tap on Foud Mods
  5. Tap on Home Screen
  6. Select on Header
  7. You are then redirected to a number of actions,
  8. Select ” Enable Instagram-like Stories.

Once you have activated this you can log back to your Chat platform. The Statuses will appear at the top in the style of a circle story. After this, you would have successfully pimped your FM Whatsapp status to look like Instagram Stories.

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