How To Fix Faulty FIFA 20 On PC When It’s Not Launching – Easy Steps

Have you ever been in that awkward moment whereby after saving money to purchase FIFA 20, and the patience to download the 50GB installations file, then you install it on your computer but when you try to launch your game you get frustrated as it just won’t launch? That’s stressful right? today we are going to have a look at one of the best football simulations giving you tips on how you can fix its common problems related to installation and launching.

Check out FIFA 20’s base and suggested framework necessities.

FIFA 20 for PC is surely a heavy-duty game along these lines, before taking a stab at searching for answers, verify whether your PC can even run it. You can go to EA’s website and check what is the minimum and suggested system requirements for your PC.Secondly make sure your Direct X is up to date. Lastly, make sure you install all the prerequisites namely the Visual Run times

You attempt to open FIFA 20 yet nothing occurs This is what you can do

Update your device drivers

There are a lot of ways you can update your Windows drivers:

Use Windows Update
Utilize the Device Manager
Update the drivers from Nvidia or AMD websites
Introduce committed driver downloading software

Ensure your Windows is updated to the most recent version

On your keyboard, press Start (the Windows key)

After that, you can then select the Settings button (the cogwheel at the base left of the Start menu)

Look down the rundown until you see Update and Security

You can now finally select Check for Updates in the new window, and let whatever updates are accessible to unfurl.

What to do when your FIFA 20 keeps on crashing :

On the off chance that you are playing on console, unplug/turn off your controller and afterwards plug it back in/power it back on. On the off chance that you are having this issue on PC, you can confirm the game files or re-install FIFA 20 from Origin to clear the issue.

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