The ‘Last Seen’ and ‘Blue Ticks’ features in WhatsApp can put your relationships on a cliff at times as one would want an explanation as to why you read a message and did not reply.

Keeping that in mind, this article is offering you a guide on How to hide ‘Last Seen’ and ‘Blue Ticks’ on WhatsApp, and save yourself from a lot of stress and trouble.

By default, Whatsapp is set in a way that everyone on your contact list who has your number saved in their phone can view your status, see if you have read and ignored their messages, see your profile picture and last seen.

On WhatsApp, you can change your privacy settings to hide or restrict who can see your WhatsApp Status, Profile Picture, Last Seen, About, etc.

If you want to hide your last seen from some specific contacts and also want to see their WhatsApp Last Seen Status, then you can do it through WhatsApp Privacy Settings. There is no need to install another application.

Here is how you can hide your last seen.

  • Open your  WhatsApp
  • Tap the Menu button ( 3 dots at the top right corner)
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Account”
  • Tap “Privacy”
  • The option to hide your last seen status can be found here

Please note, if you don’t share your “last seen”, you won’t be able to see other people’s “last seen”.

Also, there is no way to hide when you are online or typing.

Steps to disable blue-ticks:

  1. Open your WhatsApp
  2. Tap on Settings                                       
  3. Tap on Account 
  4. Tap on Privacy
  5. Here disable the Read Receipts option. It will disable the blue ticks in your WhatsApp messages.

Disable Blue ticks

This feature disables blue ticks on both sides, you will never know if the other contact has opened your message and the other contact will not know either.

With the Read receipt feature, you can also view other people’s status without them being notified. Other users can also view your status and you won’t be notified.

Also note that, when you apply these privacy settings then the same settings also apply to you, which means you cannot also view other people’s info which you have to hide on your profile

One does not only need Unofficial Whatsapp to set privacy settings, but even the original Whatsapp can also work the magic.

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