How To Pin WhatsApp Chat On iPhone

Normally, the arrangement of WhatsApp chat threads is based on the most recent Messages being pushed to the top of the screen while old messages are continually pushed down as more chats come in.

This setup can lead to the possibility of important chats threads being pushed down making it hard for you to find them, while unimportant Group Chats are taking up the most visible part of screen space on your phone.

WhatsApp keeps on coming up with new features to make it easier for its users to navigate the popular messaging app in the world.

One such feature in such a case would be pinning a WhatsApp chat on the top part of the screen chat.

While many may find it easier on an Android, it is not that easy to find where to Pin Chats on iOS.

On Android, long pressing on the chat you want to Pin brings in a tab at the top part of the screen where you can choose an option you wish to take.

Once the Chat is selected, tap on the Pin Icon to Pin this particular Chat to the top of Chats Screen. The same goes when unpinning the chat.

Pin WhatsApp Chat On iPhone

how to pin whatsapp chat on iphone

On iPhone rather, select the chat you wish to Pin and swipe right until you see the Pin button.

Do not swipe all the way to the right edge of the screen, as this will mark the message as being read or unread. Swipe only till you see the Pin button.

Once you see the Pin option, tap on the Pin button to pin this particular Chat to the top of your Chats screen.

At any time, you can Unpin this Chat by swiping to the right and tapping on the Unpin button.


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