I know hanqu kuti my story will invite a lot of backlash but ndoyakaitika guys. I am a tall light skinned guy 23 year old. I never intended to fuk my aunt but I had no choice.

Well let me give you a brief description ya antez yanqu. Aunty Tina is in her late 30s working for Econet. As you know vanhu veku Econet vakupihwa bhegi too much, she keeps herself in good shape always…gym, good food chii chii waiziva. She is a middle height woman with a slightly bulky body and
stunning looks. Aunty Tina’s figure is about 36-32-34. She is married but blaz wacho haana dhiri. She always wears these up town miniskirts that reveal yellow bone thighs. You can’t avoid kuona gumbo iroro. But iyi ndoyakaitika gen’a.

That day we had a party paden moms yaicelebrater graduating with her Masters a few weeks ago kuNUST. So we invited vanhu vakawanda paden. The party started around 6 pm manheru. I had somehow sensed the impending incest earlier during the evening; the eye contact was more than tete nemuzukuru. As the night wore on everyone kinda got high and we ran out of strong stuff and she asked me to accompany her kuden kwavo kuAvondale. As we got into her car I mistakenly found my hand on one of her thigh trying to get ka card kanqu ke airtime yanga yadonha. To my surprise she didn’t react negatively. Instead she just smiled and King George wemubhurugwa vakabva vamuka. Skirt yaTete Tina yakanga yasimuka nekugara kwavanga vakaita paseat.

She said you can get your card radonhera pakati pemakumbo panqu. I didn’t know what to say but the look on her face seemed to force to go ahead. As I attempted to get the card, vakabva vharira my hand pakati pemakumbo avo. My heart started racing. I knew kuti this was a red territory but it felt so good. We started kissing so passionately and the more we continued the better it felt. She rolled her seat and said, Pedzisa zvawatanga or I will ‘report’ this….Ini ndikati ‘mwenewazvo munomama neni’. She just smiled back with that devilish beautiful smile.

I found myself in my birthday suit mumota imomo, sucking on my aunt’s tits. At the same time she had my cok in her warm hands. I believe she had never seen such huge coks before. ‘Nhasi ndanga ndakakutargeter mufanha. Ndikuda kuti undisvire one round and we will never talk about it again. One round, this is your only chance. Give me your best!!!…akaomana pakafa munhu. Vaidaro vachisimudza kamini ikako. She had raised her skirt to her waist and I managed to get pamusoro. . took her bra out and tossed her onto the bed.

I wasted no time in taking out her G-tambo. Ndakabvisa kunge munhu akubatidza generator!!! hahaha.
“Fuk me you pervert. Fuk me kani….mmmmmh fuk me iwe” Ndakailiner pabeche….akomana mukadzi anonaka iyeye….ndakaiti bvooooooooooooooooooo. Zi 11cm ranqu ndikaona tetez yavhura muromo. Ndakavati handimire rega ndikupedzerei mwenewazvo. I started pumping in and out. She has a very tight pus.sy that showed kuti hapana akuita basa. Vakomana ndakanakirwa. We were kissing passionately and I have never had my dik so hard. It was at its best….meanwhile she was oozing a lot of fluids and so wet….ndakaibudisa just to tease her and immediately she took it back. Waingonzwa kuchemerera….mmmmmh mukanya svirai kani. Handisati ndambosvirwa zvakadai….mmmmmmmmh mkanya kani….ooooooh ooooh My….we should do this every week mmmmmmh. Ini ndakabva ndatowana manyemwe……..to be continued. email me palesarganura@gmail.com for more stories on my se.x escapades!

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