Latest Whatsapp Updates… Good News For iPad & Mac Users

WhatsApp has good news for iPad and Mac users!

According to reports, WhatsApp will be available on iPad and Mac with all the full features.

Currently those who have to access WhatsApp on iPad and Mac have to access the application via a web browser

Latest Whatsapp Updates

The disadvantage to this is that, WhatsApp in this form does come with all the features one would expect to find when using their phones on the direct application.

WABetaInfo, a tech blog on all things WhatsApp confirmed that WhatsApp is working on making the application accessible on multiple devices for one account.

They revealed that iPad and Mac will be part of the devices where WhatsApp will be accessed.

They said speaking on Twitter

WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new?

New hidden tracks for the feature that allows to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices, and the advanced search mode!

They went to say that the features will be available in the future.

At the moment it’s impossible to use your WhatsApp account on more than one device, by using the application directly and not the browser as is, or other third party applications.

The biggest challenge WhatsApp faces with that new update will be with security.

The application has to find a way to keep its best security feature, namely the end-to-end encryption intact.

WhatsApp has to figure out a way to run end to end encryption where both sides of a chat or group chat have more than one device being used.

Does this mean WhatsApp has to to extend various end to end encryption points for every device being used?

WhatsApp hasn’t commented yet on when this multiple device feature will be available for users.

In other WhatsApp update news, the application is said to be working on a feature which allows users to listen to voice notes without the need to open the application.

Looks like it’s going to be a big year overall for the Facebook owned application.


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