Likee Tips And Tricks To Get Started in 2020. Here Is What You Need

Likee is an application that creates videos and it enables the user to share the created video on other social media platforms. Good visual effects are one of its strengths as it comes with a lot of filters and other features that make videos look good. This application is available on iOS and android for the App stores.

Likee Tips And Tricks
Likee Tips And Tricks To Get Started


Unique key features on Likee

  • An interface that pops up, curated and popular content from your favourite users or from users nearby too, including strangers. This enables you the user to see live streams when other users are doing their videos live
  • With a simple tap, users can recreate their videos with a lot of filters such as Colorful Hair and Beauty, or add special video effects from Augmented Reality to 4D
  • You can create and categorize your videos or search for related content based on gaming, music, and other categories
  • You can monetize your videos. Just make sure you get more likes by creating original content.

Advantages of Likee

  • Free and easy access to the music library.
  • You can upload your own music, animations and effects to an existing video.
  • You can make money through sharing of videos.

Other related applications 

  • Tik Tok
  • MX Player
  • Snapchat
  • Share it

How to download Likee on Playstore

  1. Go to the Google Playstore
  2. Go to the search bar and type likee and it will show options: likee lite, Likee cartoon, likee app 2020
  3. Chose and click likee 2020
  4. Then click install
  5. Wait for it to download till it finishes 
  6. Click done and you are ready to explore the exciting application. 

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