This Is How To Make Money Online Whilst Stuck At Home

Global trends in developing countries show a notable lack of employment opportunities, especially for young people. Fresh out of college, most youths find themselves unemployed and riddled with student loans. However, with the advent of the internet, many youths have found new careers working online. What comes to so many people’s minds is making money from home. But in as much as the internet offers a treasure trove of so many unique ways to make money online, so many of these ways require a certain initial amount of money to be invested.

We have made a list of trusted and authentic websites that can help you make money online. Like many other formal jobs, you require a set of skills to choose and qualify for online jobs.

Make Money Online Whilst Stuck At Home

Freelance Micro Jobs

These are for marketable skills like writing, graphic designing, web development, marketing and many more. The more services you add in your “gig” list the more money you can earn. You can earn from $5 to $100 per hour working on these websites and providing your services to companies and individuals. All you got to do is register, make a strong profile that attracts clients and once done, start bidding on jobs that come your way and are relevant to your area of expertise. Fiverr is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces you can register to.

Online Forex trading

Unlike other online jobs, trading requires a small amount of money for startup. You need to invest money you can use to trade. Trading can be done whenever and wherever you want. However, this might not be profitable for everyone as it requires some set of skills and is risky. Before you start real-money trading you may try yourself on a risk-free training account so you’ll learn how the system works in practice. A recommended easy and safe trading platform would be Toro. PLEASE NOTE ONLY USE MONEY YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE.

Online Paid Surveys

There are many international as well as regional companies looking to collect data online. Find an interesting topic you wish to provide information on and you get yourself income from home.

The most reliable and generous resources offering paid surveys are;



Enlighten Panel 

Global Test Market 







Social Media Influencer

If you love social media and know how it works, you can make money online by being an influencer. All you need to be is creative, witty and know how to engage people. Every company that needs engagement would want to use social media to sell or create awareness and if you are one of the people with a huge base of followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you can use that to your advantage and engage companies to work on behalf of their marketing team to influence your followers.


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