I have always been munhu anoda Mari, it’s always been in my nature to hustle even nepasingadi ku hustler…. 2006 I was selling salon products and I had given one of my clients a whole box of mavaseline and had taken ages to pay, I don’t take such nonsense till this day.

She had been avoiding me So one morning I woke up it was a Sunday. I decided to go kuchurch. .. dont get excited. The reason was maiva nemunhu ane Mari yangu. So I wore my maternity dress it was the only dress I owned, hey I was 20 ndaida zvinhu I believed ma trousers kuchena. I was 9months pregnant or at least I thought I was. I had done amateur calculations basing on the evening I spent with guy where he made breathtaking love to me, oh how I remember it like it was yesterday. So steamy, so aggressive, each time he went deeper I knew I was gonna get used to this guy …plus he was hung low baba vanga vakasenga ivavo. His dik was so big and he knew how to use it.

Matsinga tsinga eshondo iya maihhwe zvangu ah vaskana ndaida kuidya nemuromo. I enjoyed touching it occasionally kungoidenha and see it pressed against his trousers with the hump so vivid and screaming for attention. I made it my best friend that night and that’s the night my best friend made me pregnant.

Now ndapfeka hembe went to church kutsvaga mai vemari yangu. ..I had a funny feeling the whole morning just tired n hungry n horny I was craving for chibuku, earlier On as I was bathing as I was washing my vagy that I hadn’t seen in the past few months I felt some iky slumy stuff and I figured I must have had an orgasm in one of the dreams I hd been having lately.

I paid no attention to the discharge. Now I was by the church my goodness the surprise I got in the yard was jaw dropping just as much as it was intriguing. . It was like heaven I silently whispered hoo Nhai so this is where all the goodmen have gone to. I was in a trans hamawe. I must have drooled chete damn there some seriously mighty fine brothers . Suddenly a sharp pain in my pelvis shook me up n brought me back to reality. .. I was a 90kg pregnant woman with hair that looked like I had been struck by lightning wearing a see through maternity dress that left nothing to the imagination.

5mins later a tall hunk approached me extending his big fairly brown strong slightly hairy amazing hand and said, “you must be new” , In my head I responded “you must ride me ”
“I’m takudzwa let me help you find a seat”
I never said a word.

Funny enough I saw mai vemari yangu so I went over to her and told with the biggest plastic smile in the history of mankind n told her no jokes I will make a scene pachechurch pako ndipe Mari yangu. She said oh hi Amanda sha zvapapressa I don’t have money I don’t know how to tell you i feel bad . This sarcastic clueless twat was lying through her teeth mxm . So I raised my voice. .. Nhasi uchandipa mari yempiro I ain’t leaving .
“Amanda veduwe mkoba sure kwawabva kuzondishura”Right before I could answer there ws that pain again ..“Aaaawwww! !! This tIme much more intense.

By now it was pretty obvious I was in labour. My water broke n quickly sat down. The journey to the hospital was the longest ever. … hama nurses are the evil. .but very necessary, the pain was unbearable. .. I kept cursing myself but still wondered how something so extreme so passionate so wonderful something I would rejoice and get wet at just the thought if it could result in a bomb of pain like this . The noise the sweat the screams the fatigue, dry mouth the pain … all in one . I wasn’t so sure if I wanted a baby at that moment, I wanted the pain to go away I wanted to sleep I knew everything I wanted and Damn sure knew what I never wanted again. I told myself handidi kuona Chinhu chinonzi mboro duze neni futi, ndiye muparanzvongo, Damn …. blistering banickles this better be one hell of a magnificent baby ndirikurwadziwa veduwe. …

Nurse :unonzi ani
Nurse : kwira uvate pambeda uvhure makumbo
:handigoni mwana akubuda
Nurse ; eeeh Manje ini ndokwatura ndini ndakati uite mimba uchiteta kudaro. .
Next thing I was on the bed … my legs wide open I wanted to die.
:Amanda ndoda kudhota
Nurse :dhota .
I hated her I wanted her to clean up my shit … I didn’t care … bUT oh no, no no this was no ordinary shit … the more I pushed I cracked. I wondered if my vagy was ever going to be the tightest vagy fire crotch like my man had described it nine month prior to this judgment day I was enduring.

Ah! mai vemari yangu vanga varipi? ndivo vakonzeresa. Ndichibva pano ndoda kuvatsvaga ndoda mari yangu, I wondered if she knew takudzwas number . Remember takudzwa mupfanya akanditambira kuchechi. Anyway all that nonsense I was thinking came to a stop when dodhi riya became a nightmare …. mabhonzo angu akamover my body turned to a stone .. mudhidhi wese bhenengu kushure kwaive mberi, mberi yese yaive sure I swear. .. ndakagomera nesimba rangu rose and screamed fuk u prince! U did this to me, I wondered if the s*ex was worth it… but wait I wanted a baby this was the price … final pushhhhhh Aaaawwww maiiwe nurse ndoda operation…. arrrggghhh ..

Nurse :yei mwana abuda
Next thing mwaaaaaa mwaaaaaa
This had better be one he’ll of a baby. …

Soon the nurse put a bloody slumy little whitish person on my belly and there she was my princess … one hell of a baby for sho so small fragile beautiful she looked cold but I was Assured that’s how they are all folded up. Her eyes my gosh her eyes wide opened looking up at me…there she was Meygan Georgia summerrain Habane.

I said Hi.

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