friend1Iyo nyaya yekuchengera vana kunge uchazovasviira wega iyi. Pane rimwe zidhara ratinotamba naro snooker kubhawa riri very strict nevanasikana varo zvekuti kana kunotenga chingwa haridi kuti vaende.

Zvino one day during discussions tiri mubhawa hedu rakataura nyaya yekuti rakange richitadza kuinstalla mainternet settings computer yekumba.

Ndakati mdara zvishoma izvo. I can do that in just 10minutes but tenga doro. He promised to buy me a crate of lagers on top $20 kana ndikamuitira. Saka since Friday yaive Easter and ndanga ndiri off, we arranged.

We went to his place together at around 1pm tikasvika gate rakalockwa. What suprised me was that he had to call on of her daughters on her cellphone kuti avhure gate. Aaaah sure here muChitungwiza chaimo do we need that kind of security yekuti gate harinokwe?

Gate rakavhurwa haro mota ikapinda. Ndakaburuka ndikakwaziswa nemwanasikana wake but pandakatarisa chimiro chake mboro yakabva yamira kuita danda chairo. Chida diki hamawe. Zvino kuti ndifambe ndakange ndoita zvekukamhinha kuti trouse risaonekwe kuzvimba.

Mdara akandivhunza kuti waita sei ndikati chiveve nekugara mumota. Aaaah idzo 5minutes chete idzodzo. Takapinda hedu mumba ndokubva ndangonangiswa muroom maive nemacomputers acho. Hazvina kunditorera nguva kusetta systems dzacho. Dhara was suprised kuti ndatopedza. He thought kuti it would take time and iye aive neplan yekuti ndigadzira zvangu iye achifanogeza. He begged me kuti ndimumirire achifanogeza tozodzokera kubhawa tese.

Ndopakatanga rwendo rwangu apa. Semunhu ainge oti zivei hake zvebeche ndakati nechemumoyo ndoda kunyenga one of her daughters chete. To make matters worse, he even instructed the eldest daughter to serve me with beer raive mufridge.

Mwanasikana uye wekutivhurira gate akauya akanditi huyai kudining. Ndakanyepa ndikati pane zvishomanana zvandaida kunyatsosota pamacomputer saka she agreed to come with the beer.

When she came back netray yaive nequart reblack label neglass akabva avhara door but hazvina kupindawo mubrain dzangu. She sat pachair yaive paside pangu and one thing led to the other. Nekadzungu kedoro ndakangomuti ‘i think i will kiss you very soon’. Haana kupindura akangosekerera achinyarira.

I told her I was serious and she said all others were going kumusha the next day for easter vozodzoka Monday kumanheru so I would come manheru eSaturday yacho. Dhara rakazouya ndatopedza maths dzese kare ndobva tadzokera kubhawa.

Cell number ndakange ndapiwa saka mangwana acho kuma6pm ndakatiza vamwe kubhawa ndomhanya kunotarisa riva rangu riye. Ndakafona ndavapagate akabva auya achimhanya.

Takapinda mumba ndokubva angondinangisa kudining. Takataura nyaya dzose asi mubhurugwa mangu maitaurawo dzamo mega. Iye aive akaita zvekurara pasofa raive opposite neni.

Suddenly she rolled over and sat up, tying her top around the back of her neck. I looked and saw her
sitting, looking pensively at me. I asked “Is everything OK?” She smiled and looked down in a rare show of embarrassment. After a little pause she sucked in a small breath.

She stood, smiled at me, and walked slowly to the door. I watched her beautiful ass as she walked then snapping myself out of my stupor, I followed her as she waded into her room. She turned around, breasts proudly bared, and looked up at me with a naughty smile.

She reached out, taking my hand and pulled me close to her.
Mesmerized, I looked at this beautiful woman standing before me, her soft brown eyes rivaling her shining smile. Our eyes met, as she shared this intimate moment with me. I realized that I must have this woman.

Eve must have felt the same way because without so much as a word I felt her hands at my
waistband, pulling my trunks down and freeing my aching coc*. I gasped at her daring, but a finger to my lips silenced any objection – should there have been any!

Once free from its constraints, my iron-hard coc* sprang upward to full attention. Her lips formed a
circle as she let out a soft moan, clearly surprised at the extent of my excitement. It was no surprise to me, however. Without taking her eyes from my coc*, she reached down and wrapped her slender fingers around the shaft.

We both watched as she slowly slid her fingers upward, dragging the silky skin over the head, and then back down. With each stroke, I could feel myself throb in her grasp and the cum in my balls began to boil.

Now even though I was not a virgin as far as women went, I was a stranger to this orgasm. I had jerked off a number of women . I was experienced, but not for moments like these!

Eve’s hands felt so wonderful. I watched her glorious breasts as she stroked me and noticed that both her nipples were stiff and erect. I watched her face, so intent on stroking my coc*, until she looked up and our eyes locked. As I looked at her full, ripe, lips, she leaned forward, and kissed me deeply, her hand still firmly on my coc*.

Her lips were warm, soft and salty and parted slightly as I tilted my head and kissed her back.Then I felt her tongue quickly dart along my lips in search of mine. I responded in kind, opening my mouth to allow our tongues to dance together playfully.

Her kisses were so wonderful and erotic that we almost forgot her fingers wrapped around my firm coc*. However, her resumed stroking quickly reminded me of my building pleasure. As Eve busied herself with stroking my cock, I reached up and slipped my hands under the bottom edge of her top pushing it up over her mounds to hold her breasts in my hand, squeezing gently, sliding my palm over her hard nipple.
I could feel its effect in how her kisses became more and more urgent. I slid my hands down her sides to her hips, and then around behind and squeezed her firm ass.

As I squeezed her as* she moaned and gripped my coc* harder. As incredible as this all was, Eve then made a move that shocked me even more. She released my coc*
and reached down to slip her pant off, lifting the garment to her hand with her foot.

Naked now save for the top that was pushed up over her breasts, she put her arms around my neck and with a little hop wrapped her legs around my waist, kissing me passionately.

Eve lowered herself down slightly until my cock pressed against her wet puss*, with the shaft resting between her lips and the head against her enlarged cl*t, and she moaned softly.

“Are you sure? I mean I…” I stammered at this unexpected turn of events. “It’s ok… I’m now grown up. 21yrs is not a joke,”kkkkkkkkkkk she reassured me. Rising up slightly, my coc* slid down her pus*y until the head rested between her lips. Then sitting back down, it slid upward again, parting her lips and rubbing hard against and over her cl*t. She
continued this motion, while rubbing herself against my cock, each time pressing a little harder.

She leaned forward and kissed me deeply again. This changed the angle slightly so that the head of
my cock rested between her puss* lips, pressing against her opening. She paused there momentarily, her tongue pushing into my mouth as
she leaned back and my cock slowly pushed into her.

It was an indescribable feeling as she slowly slid down my shaft. The warm, slippery wetness of her
puss* surrounded my cock on all sides like a warm wet tunnel, pressing tightly as she enveloped me.

She continue easing herself down my cock until the full length of me was inside her, and her c*it was pressed tightly against my pubic bone. She paused there like that, moving her hips side to side and back and forth, massaging my cock deep inside her with every movement, while rubbing her
hard c*it against me.

We both moaned into each
others mouths as we continued to kiss. Then our lips parted as she arches her back and closed her eyes. She lifted up my shaft until the head nearly popped out of her before sliding back down. Starting slowly at first, then faster and faster as she fucked herself on my cock.

I could hear her panting, and felt my shaft swell and balls tingle as a precursor to orgasm. I didn’t want this wonderful experience to end so soon, and fought back my
impeding orgasm. I leaned back a bit and reached up with both hands
caressing her magnificent breasts, rubbing her nipples.

She sat up with my cock buried deep inside, her eyes closed and her body suddenly shudders. Then she gasped loudly and gave out a
stifled whimper as her body shook in violent spasms.

Impaled on my cock, I felt her puss* clench and release my cock in erratic spasms. I felt a sudden flood of warmth even above the already
warm puss* surrounding my cock as she lifted herself slightly trying to resume her up and down motion.
But she was unable to control her body as it continued to buck in orgasm and she fell forward onto my chest. I held her close, my cock still inside feeling the spasms of her pleasure.

I slowly lifted my hips and then descended, making love to this beautiful woman. The sensation was wonderful. I felt her
wet warmth pressed around my cock as it slid in and out slowly. After her first climax passed, she regained some control and using her still quivering legs, lifted her
hips to meet each thrust. She slid her hips forward with each thrust, urging my cock deeper into her. I reached under her with my hand and cupped the cheeks of her ass from underneath.

I loved the taunt feeling of her muscles as I thrust into her slowly, balls pressed against the sensitive skin of her ass. Our pace quickened as we continued to kiss lustfully. I could feel her inhale deeply through her nose and then hold her breath, before gasping in
more air.

I could feel her moans as we kissed. Once again she cried out, bucking her hips wildly as her puss* clamped down on my cock. It felt so
wonderful when it spasmed like that.My cock was so hard, and tingled in anticipation. I felt my balls tighten. I stopped thrusting and held still as her uncontrolled spasms continue unaware.

I felt my cock clench. I held her tight and plunged deep, feeling my orgasm rise. She grunted and groaned in pleasure, riding me like a bare back in a rodeo. I was at the
point of no return, about to spew cum deep inside her. Her puss* contracted around my cock, urging
it to cum, milking it like a cow.

Thrust to the hilt inside Eve’s tight grip, my cock exploded in uncontrolled contractions, spurting
cum deep into her pulsating puss*. The pleasure radiated from my cock, through my pelvic muscles,
to every part of my body.

Euphoric, I felt my cock continue to pump cum into her puss*. We stayed coupled like that until the waves of our orgasm subsided and we held each other, panting and kissing with my cock still inside her now cum-filled puss*. I wrapped by arm around her waist just under her now tender breasts.

I kissed the salty skin of her neck, contemplating my new- found love. Finally, we had to break our tranquility. I helped her get dressed, When we were presentable, we walked back up to the dining.

As I watched my beautiful Eve walk me to that gate, I was wondering if this had all been some sweet luck induced fantasy. Ndichatoona kuti ndamusviira zvekare. Apa baba vake vatondiwhatsapura kuti yanga iri sei easter? Kkkkkkkk


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