Maximum FHA Loan Amount For Your County

The FHA loan amount is determined based on two factors: County and ZIP code. If you live in a high-cost area, you can borrow up to $970,800. Other high-cost areas include Los Angeles and San Francisco, and the counties of Napa and El Dorado. For more information, visit the HUD website. Below are the FHA loan limits for your county. When calculating the FHA 2022 Floor Loan Amount, you should include these two factors when determining the maximum loan amount.

HUD calculates the FHA 2022 Floor Loan Amount based on two factors

The HUD determines the FHA 2022 Floor Loan Amounted based on two factors. The first factor is the national conforming loan limits for 2022. The FHA has increased its limits to $647,200 nationwide. This floor limit will apply only to those areas that have a median home price of 115 percent less than the FHA’s floor limit. The second factor is the amount of down payment required to secure an FHA mortgage.

HUD determines the FHA 2022 Floor Loan Amounted based on two factors: the median home price and the county’s income level. For most areas, the floor is $420,680. This amount represents 65% of the FHFA Conforming Loan Limit. In areas with lower median home prices, this floor may be higher. For these areas, the FHA 2022 Floor Loan Amount is $490,000 or less.

The maximum FHA 2022 loan limit hasn’t been published yet, but it will likely increase significantly. It was set in December 2020. The FHA mortgagee letter (20-41) sets the limit for the purchase and home equity conversion mortgages. The new limits will affect the availability of FHA financing. Until then, lenders should make sure they’re aware of the new FHA loan limit.


The maximum FHA loan amount for county varies, depending on the county’s median home price. The maximum loan amount is $1,867,275 in counties with high costs of living, but many counties are between the low and high limits. Having a better understanding of your county’s maximum loan amount is helpful when negotiating with a seller, or if you simply want to make sure that you stay within your price range.

Although the maximum FHA loan amount for county varies, these limits are generally higher in the most expensive housing markets. In the year 2022, the limit increased to $970,800, up from $822,375 in 2020. In counties with low home prices, the maximum FHA loan amount for the county can be as low as $420,680. In counties with higher home prices, the maximum FHA loan limit can be as high as $970,800.

Although there is no standardized maximum FHA loan limit, most counties in the country fall between 65% and 150% of conforming loan limits. The conforming loan limit is the maximum amount that a lender can issue and sell to investors, which allows lenders to issue more loans. In high-cost counties, the maximum FHA loan amount is even higher. The cost of living in these counties makes it more difficult to qualify for the maximum FHA loan amount for the county.

ZIP code

The maximum FHA loan amount for a certain zip code is a bit higher than for the rest of the US. For example, a ZIP code in New Mexico, FYI, has a maximum FHA loan amount of $0, while the conforming loan limit is $333,750. Jumbo loans, however, aren’t subject to the same rules and regulations as conforming loans, so they are often used to bridge the price gap between a home and a conventional loan limit. However, jumbo loans are generally more difficult to obtain than other types of mortgages, and the borrowers may end up paying more in interest.

The FHA sets its own limits each year, based on the median home price in the respective ZIP code. The FHA mortgage limits for each ZIP code and county are intentionally higher than the conforming loan limit, but they are not based on a borrower’s ability to qualify or their FICO score. The average house price in a ZIP code is $647,200. The FHA loan limit for one-unit properties is 65% of the conventional loan limit in these areas.

In general, the maximum FHA loan amount for a single-family home is $314,827. A multi-unit property, up to four units, will have higher limits. The maximum FHA loan amount for a two-unit home is $403,125. A three-unit home is $487,250. If you’re looking for a higher FHA loan limit, consider moving to a high-income county.

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