I went to Harare to visit my girlfriend Nosipho from South Africa where i stay and work. It had been 2 years since i had gone to Harare usually i would end in Bulawayo. Since i had 24 days leave i thought instead of Nosi coming to see me in Bulawayo let me go hang out with her in Harare.

When i got there she was extra nice and gave me all the attention i wanted. Weekend we went to Warren Park KwaMereki kunogocha nyama. We had a time of our life and more. Nosipho gets drunk easily and when she is this tipsy she tends to bring out her wild side. We were standing by the car listening to music and dancing when she suddenly jumped into my arms. Her first words were… “do you have any idea how much i miss you when you are away?” I acted like i was thinking for a bit and answered her with a kiss… She pushed me away and demanded… “answer me mr”

I was torn… I missed her too but you know work was work, i could not relocate back to Zim as my career was picking up nicely and she could not relocate to SA as she was also focusing on her company that seemed to be doing very well. I then replied… “i know babes, and i miss you too….” She then kissed me and we swayed to the music arm in arm.

It was at around 5 and since it was winter it was getting a little dark and that is when Nosi’s nawty kicked in… She looked at me and said… “are you still hungry? coz i have some fresh cookies that need eating…” i looked at her with no idea what she meant but she surprised me when she said it in shona… “iwe ndati ndidye beche rangu mhani it been a while and she misses you” Hearing this i thought she was drunk and joking… But i remebered that Nosipho does not joke with sviro kana ati arikuda kudyiwa beche she is serious and i knew what would come of that would be too intense to handle.. So i suggested we go home and start there but she said no she wanted it there and nowhere else.

Since it was lil dark… I pulled her to the front of the car and made my move. I noticed something that i had not seen all day… Underneath that florish dress manga musina panty. Akasimudza gumbo one and put it on the car fender and that was the invitation i need. I dove pakati pemakumbo pake and started kunwa mvura yaibuda ipapo. Anga akatota kare and i made her even worse. People around us were shocked to see what i was doing. So i had to act quick so we can run away before the police comes… (that is if they find a car to get to where we were…kkkk). I also realised that since i had an audience i had to make this as memorable as ever. Thanks to Nosipho and the noises she was making, we managed to put up a good show……

To be continued….

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