We went out to the club my friend and I then he was having problems with his wife so she wanted to go out he asked we go pick her up, we went to a local pub 1st since i was driving i was going easy on the beer, my friend was hard on the beer.

Takaspakwa zvedu kuya and we left the pub to a club after midnight and it was getting packed pple everywher nice music flashing lights bodies dancing and grinding everywhere, the night was fun and gud but my friend was drunk he jus wanted to sit down, the wife wanted to dance so i left my friend sitting on our table half asleep took his wife to the dance floor, she danced lyk a pro her big magaro being rubbed against my body me holding her musana she turned and faced me we danced lyk that i was avoiding kumutarisa in the eyes but hayi mboro yankayatomira ruff.

I checked on muface wangu he was drunk and asked to go sleep in the car i gave him the keys told him we won’t b long he went now tht we wher alone the music was raggae this woman danced ruff magaro pamboro as if she wanted to feel it wen i tried to move back she pushed agaisnt it, i told her munzeve kuti stop wat u doing coz i will end up ndichikuswira, she laughed and said sorry asi yamira i said yes then she put her hand saying let me feel it, damn this was jus too much of a surprise to me neva thought she was tht crazy she pulled me to the smoking area not too many pple where there we kissed so hard lyk we wher hungry for each other i moved my hands to her beche she was wet and ready i fingered her while kissing her she was playing wit my mboro so long, this was getting out of control i stopped it and said lets go somewhere private.

Now my friend is sleeping in the car what do we do i thout fast and told her to go to the ladies bathroom and check if its free if so app me which room u in i come, i was behind her they where a few pple ther in abt five minutes i got app saying last stall.


Wen i got there she had not wasted tym she had taken of matyts jus left wit her top she sat muchamber and opened my belt and jeans removed mboro yangu she suked it so good but for a short tym then i made her stand while i sat down on the chamber she came on top of me facing the other side more lyk reverse cowgirl if u know it she was moving magaro left ryt and centre i was enjoying to see them bounce up and down while she was doing tht she started to touch my machende pulling them i was playin wit her boobies damn i felt her body going stiff while i was pulling her nipples she was kumming me too i jus could’nt hold it i came so hard i and froze fo a minute, then i felt her suking on my mboro nebeche.

We got up and i cleaned my mdara wit tissue ndikachecker outsyd it was safe went out then bumped in to some lady at the door jus pretended i was lost, she came and we finished our drinks went to the car to her sleeping hubby.

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