How To Post More Than 30 Seconds Long Videos On WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp status feature is one of the most popular features on the chat app. The Status feature allows its users to share content in the form of videos, pictures, texts, and GIFs for 24 hours before they disappear.

Though as cool as it was back in 2017 when it was first introduced, the feature has limited functions that have disappointed its users.

WhatsApp statuses can only be viewed by your saved contacts, provided they also saved your contact number on their phonebook.

More lament also comes from music lovers who feel secluded from posting their audios. The feature doesn’t support audio sharing.

More so, for video lovers, the feature only supports 30 seconds long videos to be shared, not more. This is a huge disappointment to some who consider the 30 seconds limit is ‘too little’.

If you are one of such users who feel shortchanged on these features, here are a few tricks to bypass the limit and post more than 30 seconds long videos.

Cut Into Series Of 30 Seconds Long Videos

The first trick used by so many is manual posts. Here, users post a series of 30 seconds videos extracted from the same video. For instance, a 2 minutes long music video can be broken down to 30 seconds video series on the WhatsApp status.

But this method is time-consuming and requires one to post so many statuses to make up one long video. One cannot be as precise as possible to cut videos at the exact second the last one stopped.

In such a case you can use an alternative application called WhatsCut Pro+.

The application lets you easily cut your longer video into 30-second pieces automatically as you post on your WhatsApp.

Download this easy to use the application on google store which allows you to trim your videos easily for your Whatsapp status. In that way, you will be able to then post them on your WhatsApp as one longer video.

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