Consultation week came by and as i was packing up to leave, daddy dearest popped in my class. I was surprised really i mean after all he didn’t even call me after i gave him my number. He was looking fine in his grey Slim fit pants and a lilac shirt and a grey stripe tie with hints of lilac. He had even gotten a hair cut i hadn’t noticed that he was handsome he had this amazing smile.. He is like teacher please don’t punish me, I was meant to call but since Shaun was suspended , I had to entertain him. I understood and i was just smiling Like its going out of fashion. I liked this guy i could feel my palms get sweaty and my butterflies started floating in my tummy.. So he asked if i was the going out type and i said of course I wouldn’t mind drinks. So he said it was a date,Saturday night we would go out. A DATE??!! Mmm…

So the days went by slowly finally Saturday rolled out.. Spent the day grooming myself in case i got lucky but i jus didn’t want to put the poor guy in a tight spot. I picked out my LBD little black dress its casual and comfortable n classy and i wasn’t sure where he was taking me so i had to dress in a way where i could blend in.. Daddy dearest asked about my lodgings and i directed him to my place he was there in minutes because he was within the vicinity. He called when he was outside i invited him in. I live in a garden flat so he parked in the parking bay and he came straight to my door and he gazed at me like he.wanted to.remember me exactly the way i was that moment and he gave me a warm hug.

He was in his blue jeans white hugging tshirt and black converse tackies i asked him where he was taking me and he said we were going for a braai so i knew wat kind of shoes to put on. He was smelling so good and looking delicious this man was FINE! My LBD was working wonders because it accentuated all my dangerous curves and i could see he was liking every bit of it.. I even let it rise n i left my thunder thighs on display.. On the was music was playing softly in the background and we were jus getting to.know each other. He asked if i was seeing someone i told him i was very single and not searching men had disappointed me in the past.. He then said i was too beautiful to be a single lady. I explained that my work was demanding plus i was doing school so i didn have much time for.a relationship. We got to the spot and he bought us drinks and we jus sat in the car chatting like we were old friends while we waited for the meat to be ready. Yummy…kkk

As we sat there i saw his hand landing on my thigh and i wanted this so i looked at him he looked back at me right in the eyes and his face.came closer and he kissed me. I didn want to seem too desperate but my body was saying otherwise i kissed him back greedily and he said why did i put on my under wear with a naughty smile.. Ipapo ndakavhandaziva kuti zvangu zvaita. So he went and got us more drinks and the alcohol was making me randy my date was jus so hott and i jus wanted to fuk him immediately.

I quickly removed my undies and i put them in my bag. When he returned he came with the meat and we went to sit by the lighted up gazebo and we ate. I ate light because i wanted sOme action. He definitely had appetite for something else not.the front of us. He said we would take a doggy bag. I then sat n i gave him a sneak peek.of.wat the.panties.. I saw a bulge immediately in his pants he said we should leave NOW! Soon as we got into the he pulled me closer and he kissed passionately and he said he has never felt so deeply about someone like this before.. I jus thot it’s because he was trying to justify wat was about to happen. He started the car and we went deeper into the car park it wasn a busy day that day there were a few cars up front.. Where we were parked was a dark spot n i was thrilled by this adventurous guy.

He reclined my seat and he came on me i was soo horny he started playing with my pusy and he strategically positioned himself n he put.on his condom and he was trying to enter me when he came.. He must have been embarrassed. He tried to explain that it had been a very.long while since he.had a woman. I told him he.shouldn’t worry.about it i understood but in actual fact i was disappointed.. How can he waste my time like this. He.offered to take me home and off we went. I didn’t even see his cock or even feel it.. SHIT!

He walked me to my door and he.apologised again. He asked for a hug at least and he promised he would make up for it.. He went in for a kiss i dont even know why i let him. He kissed me akanditenderedza akandifongoresa and next thing i felt a good size tearing my pusy apart. Mmm is all i could say ahh ahh ahh he was going in deep damn this dik was too sweet i jus felt my body tense and i was c0ming oooo.give it to me Daddy i.screamed and i came ipapo ipapo kunge mushonga wemasvosve mapete nemakonzo.kkk

adventures with

Apo we were still by the corridor and no condom but i didn care all i wanted was that kock in me. We took our party to the shower. Tikambogesesana and we started afresh in my bedroom.. He lay me on my.bed and spread my.legs open n he kissed my pusy and said it was sweet n juicy jus how he loved it. He then played with my klit n fingered me n licked me i was jus.going crazy and i.begged him for his kock n he said mira baby ndeyako yese. He gave me a love.bite on my neck and.that really.sent bitter sweet electricity all.over my body.

When i tried to return the favour he said no baby im making it upto u.. I fuked up earlier when i tried to say something he put his fingers on my mouth to hush me.. And he sat on the couch in my room and he motioned me to come sleep by his side i slept on my side n he.put up my leg n he entered me from behind damn this guy had a bag of tricks and he.still hadn come he went in great depths i was out of this world.. I had never felt so.good. Akandikwesha ndikabvuma kuti he was a good fuk. Surrender. Then i slept on my tummy n he went on top n he seemed to enjoy this one.i.would.hear him grunt n moan. He he.was about to.c0me.

He pulled out and came on my ass. He whispered in my ear that he was in love with me. We jumped into bed and we cuddled. In the morning h gave me a good size again.. We are now an item officially.. But we keeping it under wraps…

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