It all started in high xool Ck was my guy bestfriend he was handsome light sexy body he had evrthng but he was dating someone he was upper 6 by tht time in I was lower6.

we had other 4 friends already mixed 2chcks and 4dudes but me and him were very very close we did almost evry thing together he took me as his small sis iniwo as my big bro we started spend too too much time together asisina time with his girlfriend tainakidzwa we used to go to parties,out,church kwese then I started dating this other guy at xool so evry time I came from my date Ck wld ask everything and he wld shout and be angry kuti why I kissed the guy he shldnt touch me what what and Ck also new abt me being a v1rgin he did everything to protect me after a few weeks the guy I was dating told me tht we cldnt date anymore but he didn’t say the reason all he cld say was he loved me.

I was confused so Ck was my shoulder tht time but I knew he hd threatened the poor guy after a while our frndship became more too strong evrytym after xool we would go to the library then we sit at the back next to each other he would reach to my thighs then start to touch me I always got horney and never understood why he did this to me when I asked him one day why he just smiled and said your skin is soft what do u feel when I touch you then I told him that I hear my blood moving to all parts of my body and my panties get wet then he asked me if we should continue if he can touch me in the library I agreed coz I really enjoyed it.

so I couldn’t wait for xool to finish evryday it was all the same and other students were even confused with our friendship evn his girl didn’t like it after xool sometimes he could carry me at his back we played chikudo muroad and our other friends even asked but we didn’t tell them until he finished xool and I was juss alone at xool I really miced him sometimes wouldn’t feel going to xool the year moved fast we could see each other and he sometimes picked me at xool so one day his parents were going to namibia for a holiday he was supposed to go but he refused he invited me for dinner I lied to my parents that I was sleeping at my friends place a chix place.

I went to Ck’s house he was being a gentle man like always after we had dinner I went to have a bath whilst waiting for a movie i come in the sitting room and it was a bit cold he asked me kuti ndiuye and sleep on his chest but it was still cold and he suggested we go to him room to see the movie tht side we did it was warmer then I told him how I was missing him and our small play in the library he said he was too I was wearing a balloon dress then he started touching my legs to thighs this time it was different he went further to my pusy he was shocked kuona ndisina panties then told him kuti forgot to pack the other so had washed it when I bathed his hands were damm soft .
I told him I was still a vigin and he should teach me he told me not to worry he lifted me from his couch to his bed he opened my leg started to play ne matinji angu I was already crying he pulled the softly then started to kiss my thighs going up to my pusy agotanga kudya beche ohhhhhhhhh I screamed lucky the whole house was to ourselves it was my 1st time and it was so good he was the one doing evrything as he told me juss to chill I did so I came in his mouth whilst he was licking my pussy I touched his hand and cried squeezing it he removed all of his clothes my my I cried when I saw his dick and I was scared the he told me he was gonna do it slow he stripped my clothes and started to suck zamu rangu ranga rakanyatsomira ndakavhura makumbo nekunakirwa he was on the side he started playing with my clint uku achiyamwa.

He took my hand bvaandibatisa mboro achimover kunge akukoira I got it then started touching it zvekutya akati usatye then after 30min doing all of this he came on top of me bvaatanga kuiita slowly ini ndakarumirira pa huro pake the more he dug deep the more ndairuma ndakabata musana wake ndichitsinya we were both in pain ini achibora ini ndichiruma nekutswinya until yapinda zvairwadza akatanga kuita kunge akutamba achikoira ini ndichitsinya nekuchema until atunda then blood was all over the sheets we removed them bvaanondigezesa makumbo I cld feel the pain still btwn then I told him cldnt walk kwaive kuyema kwanguwo he lifted me to his couch put new sheets and took me to his bed watching tv then he said he was sorry and I told him I also wanted and he started telling me how goood it was and very tight and akati we should start dating and I was waiting for him to say that then I turned to kiss him we kissed and had sex the whole nite until it was really nice akundidzidzisa….and that’s how I lost my vrginity to my wonderful bestfrnd who became my man it was worth it….

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