Getting an add to random Whatsapp groups you are not interested in is a total turn off for most people, and you wish to permanently block people from adding you to their Whatsapp groups.

Sometimes you exit the group and with no time you are added back. You block the admin and another group participant adds you back then it comes a cycle for the day, months or even years.

The automatic addition to Whatsapp groups is irritating and some times when you exit and delete the group someone would have got your contact. You might block the admin but that other participant will be nudging you in your inbox.

Blocking an admin stops them from adding you, but now Whatsapp has permitted a group to have multiple admins hence another admin can add you back.

This article is going to give you a step by step guide on how to block people from adding you to Whatsapp groups you are not interested in.

  1. Open your Whatsapp
  2. Go to the menu tab which is on the top right corner of your phone( three dots) and tap on Accounts.
  3. On the Accounts section, tap on privacy
  4. Tap on Groups
  5. On this platform, there are three options: Everyone, My contacts, and My contacts except.
  6. Choose between My contact and My contact except, if you choose Everyone the group admins will have the ability to add you to a group.
  7. To avoid random additions to groups or spam, switch to My contacts option and only those on your contact book can add you to a group.
  8. If you want great control over people who can add you, select My contacts except. You will be able to select specific users from your contacts who can’t directly add you to a group.
  9. After making a choice you then press on Done.

How to Stop People From Adding You to WhatsApp Groups on iPhone ...


Finally, people have to send an invite to you to join their groups and if you are not interested you can decline the invitation. When someone not on your contact list tries to add you to their group, they will be notified that they can’t directly add you to a group hence they have to send an invitation.


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