Switch From Normal WhatsApp To GBWhatsApp Without Losing Chats

Switch From Normal WhatsApp To GBWhatsApp

Variety is the spice of life as some say while some say normal is boring.

For some, sticking to the ‘normal’, standardized WhatsApp is like watching paint dry, when there are more modified versions of WhatsApp which give the user some agency on the ‘hows and whens’ especially when interacting on the instant messaging application.

A lot of people want malleable applications which they can customize as per their requirements, preferences and long for a more personal touch, be it color themes, set up and all that jazz.

GBWhatsApp has been the rave lately when it comes to ‘enlightened’ WhatsApp users.

It works the same way as the ‘normal’ WhatsApp, the main difference being, GBWhatsApp comes with extra privacy features and other great features as well.

GBWhatsApp goes as far as allowing you to customize your settings to suit your personal preferences, you can create your own themes by changing colours and fonts, one can send much larger files, music or video files without much hassle or limitations and can manipulate privacy settings, like hiding your ‘last seen’ feature just for particular contacts and not everyone in your contacts like the ‘normal’ WhatsApp dictates (yay! most people’s favourite part! ), it also features an auto-reply function.

You can even write a long status of 255 words, (don’t we all hate it when we have to cut our philosophical quotes short or trim our favourite bars to suit the word limitation clause)

Without much ado, let’s see how we can switch our style up, from normal WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp without losing our data (because losing data really sucks)

First of all you need to back up your chats for the ‘normal WhatsApp’ so when you switch to GB WhatsApp you will still have them.

  • Open your WhatsApp,
  • Tap the 3 dots on the upper right of your screen and select settings, then select chats then select back up chats and WhatsApp will back up your chats.
  • Now to the exciting part, download GB WhatsApp You can download it from sites like gbapps, gbplus or androidapksfree.
  • Uninstall the ‘normal WhatsApp’, to do this you go to your phone settings, select the applications option, then select WhatsApp, it will give you an option to Uninstall. Do not clear the data after Uninstalling normal WhatsApp or the whole exercise becomes futile.
  • You can now install that GBWhatsApp apk you have downloaded

Now for the restoration of your old chats which you backed up as per first step.

  • You open your phone/device’s file manager and then you select storage option. If you backed up your chats on an external drive you select external option, if you backed them on your device’s in-built memory, you choose internal storage.
  • Select the folder named WhatsApp (where all your old WhatsApp data is stored) and rename it from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp .
  • After renaming the folder to GBWhatsApp , you open it and you will see a subfolder titled Media, open it again and you will see other sub folders e.g WhatsApp Video, WhatsApp Audio, WhatsApp Pictures.
  • It is crucial that you rename all those folders GBWhatsApp. For example, the WhatsApp Video folder is renamed GBWhatsApp Video. Rename all the folders one after the other.

Now that you have renamed all the folders, open GBWhatsApp, it will take you through the normal WhatsApp channels like entering your phone number, entering /automatic verification of code.

As you proceed with the set up, it will ask you if you have backup chats that you need restored, select restore and it will start restoring all your chats.

The process may be short or might require a few more minutes depending on the file sizes.

You can continue your conversations on the ‘new and improved’ GBWhatsApp.

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