The Benefits of Becoming an International Lawyer

International lawyers specialize in laws governing international relations. They focus on treaties, maritime law, drug control, human rights, and trade law. The field of international law also includes transnational law, which assists entities do business across borders. It is an extremely competitive field, so it is important to know the specialization you’re interested in. Listed below are some of the benefits of becoming an international lawyer. Read on to discover the specific skills and training required for this exciting career.


Specializations in international law are a diverse group of careers. Generally speaking, international lawyers work for corporations with international interests, accounting and consulting firms, and governmental agencies. Some specialize in a particular field, such as investment law, human rights, or environmental law. International lawyers also need strong language skills and interest in working with people of different cultures. There are four main specializations:

These lawyers advise domestic clients on how to conduct business in foreign countries. Their services may range from helping to organize foreign branches of companies, to structuring foreign operations, to overseeing international litigation and arbitration, and even conducting international financial transactions. Their salaries are based on the geographic region they work in, so this job field is particularly lucrative. For more information on international lawyers, visit You can expect to make a salary of $107,549 per year.

Skills required

An international attorney must possess a wide array of skills. In addition to a wide range of legal expertise, they must be familiar with the local laws, customs, and preferred methods of communication. Additionally, they must learn a number of soft skills, such as empathy. The work they do abroad requires heightened international savvy, as well as humility and the ability to adapt. The following are just a few of the skills that an international lawyer must have.

A global lawyer must be interested in the global conversation, and have a dual qualification and dual state of mind. Language proficiency is also important. Learning another language will help bolster career opportunities. Additionally, an international lawyer must go beyond his or her current boundaries and focus on the globalization of life and business. The skills required to be an international lawyer are not limited to legal skills; a global lawyer must be able to work in any cultural setting and be fluent in at least two languages.

Career opportunities

If you are interested in working abroad, a career as an international lawyer is a great choice. This field can be highly lucrative, allowing you to practice in a variety of settings. You can work in sovereign representation or international arbitration, or you can become a mediator in international disputes. Many international lawyers are involved in cases involving human rights, intellectual property, and sovereign debt. You can also earn a good living working for the government or a non-profit organization.

If you are interested in practicing international law, it is important to know that this field is generally more difficult than being an ordinary attorney. Become familiar with a wide variety of rulesets and laws. There is no limit on the number of countries you can work in, and the more jurisdictions you know about, the more opportunities you’ll have. You can expect to earn anywhere between $110,000 and $131,000 a year. Many international lawyers work for private firms and government organizations.


Most international lawyers charge hourly rates, which makes it difficult to determine how long a case will take. If the lawyer is only working on simple legal documents, they may charge a flat fee. However, if a client requires monetary damages, the lawyer will often charge a contingency fee, in which the client only pays if the lawyer wins. While international lawyers may charge more than their domestic counterparts, it’s still important to discuss the fees in detail before agreeing to a contract.

The job of an international attorney varies, but most of them work for multinational corporations or national governments. They may draft international contracts and trade agreements or represent clients before international courts. They may also represent the U.S. government before international agencies. In general, international lawyers will work primarily in an office setting, but some may travel to various countries to handle legal issues. They must have a good understanding of different cultures, languages, and legal systems, which is essential to their work.

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