Whatsapp Spy Tips: The Best Tip To Find Who He/She Chats To The Most And Other Tips

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Ever wondered who he/she chats to the most on a daily basis through WhatsApp? This  WhatsApp tip makes it easy to find out. This article is going to give you two spy tips to enable your Whatsapp.

  • Open your Whatsapp
  •  go to Settings
  • Data and Storage Usage
  • Storage Usage 
  • select a contact to see how you chat with them.

The list is prepared according to the person you send the most data to so if there’s one friend you send lots of videos and images to but not much else, they could beat another friend who you send text-based messages to. Either way, it’s a great insight into who gets his/ her attention the most. Statistics check is narrowed down to messages, photos, GIFs, videos, voice messages, and documents.

With this tip, you can easily check on whom he/she is spending most of the time chatting to.

Another simple trick is going to any chat>open the chat>highlight the chat>and try to forward the chat. During the process of forwarding, that’s when you will see the people who are frequently contacted.

Mark Message as Unread:

This tip can help you go through his/her message and leave no trace of it. With this one, you just open his/her Whatsapp, read the particular message that you want. After reading click on back and long-press the chat until it is highlighted.  Tap on the menu tab which is the 3 dots that are on the top right corner. select Mark as unread.

The message will show the green feature that shows it was not opened. Note that this tip only applies to a message that was not opened. If you try it on a message that was already read and opened it will raise suspicion.

Try these two Whatsapp spy tips and be a spy.

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