*Stororo (FICTION..this conversation never happened. Its a figment of Sheeben Blog Author SugarDickDupree’s imagination. I repeat, THIS CONVERSATION NEVER took place)


This is a leaked Whatsapp conversation between Tinopona K and her friend DJ Candice.


22:15pm(TINTIN): sup girlfriend..
22:27pm(TINTIN): Girl where are u???
22:30pm(DJ Candice): sorry, ndeipi? I was busy. How are you?
22:31pm(TINTIN): ok. Nothing much happening here. sup newe ikoko? Hows the studio?
22:33pm(DJ Candice): same ol’ same ol’. its alright, just quiet. Urikuitei?
22:34pm(TINTIN): watching the World Cup and reminiscing…
22:34(DJ Candice): Reminiscing about??? Asi you’re missing your man?
22:35(TINTIN): kkkk..not him. I’ve got better things to do than spend my time missing that fool. It’s someone else I’m reminiscing about. I spent the night at his house kkkk………
22:35(DJ CANDICE): Then who??? Ayaas I dont like the sound of this.. Who is it???
22:45(DJ CANDICE): Hello! Where have you gone? Its 10 minutes later. Dont leave me in suspense pliz. Eish, Now I need to know. Is it Munyaradzi? Pliz let it not be him.
22:49(TINTIN): sorry my Whatsapp is slow. No its not Munya. He is so last year.. do u remember that guy I showed u last week ku Miss Zimbabwe thingi?
22:48(DJ CANDICE): which one? Oh my God, no no not that shiri.. What’s his name again.
22:49(TINTIN): LMAO!!! Fabian. Oh no, not Fabian. Remember the tall chocolate athletic dude who came up to us & introduced himself??
23:00(DJ CANDICE): Sugar??? The muscular dude?
23:01(TINTIN): Ehe him.
23:02(DJ CANDICE): OMG! Sugar the svirorist??
23:03(TINTIN): Yes
23:04(DJ CANDICE): Gosh, when did all this happen??? and whats this about you spending the night there??? Asi “something” happened????
23:05(TINTIN): kkkk questions questions questions.. yaa shit went down..
23:06(DJ CANDICE): OMG!!!!!! what do you mean by “shit went down”.. Pliz tell me I need to know!!!!!
23:07(TINTIN): LOL kukara nyaya..not telling
23:08(DJ CANDICE): haiwa kani thats so not fair 🙁 feeling sad now sob sob.. Inga I tune you all my secrets
23:08(TINTIN): lol okay.. We fucked. Happy now??
23:09(DJ CANDICE): OMG that was quick!!!!!!
23:10(TINTIN): Yah, I know but if the grass is green then its time to play kkk
23:11(DJ CANDICE): and the most important question of the night is: How was it? Did he live up to his hype kana kuti he’s all talk no action?
23:12(TINTIN): kwaniko he’s all talk and no action
23:13(DJ CANDICE): SERIOUS??!!! After all that huffing and puffing he does on the internet? I cant believe it! Ende Zimbabwean men ka ha ha da!
23:14(TINTIN): Lmao.. rubbish from beginning to end
23:15(DJ CANDICE): ag saka that was a wasted night then? and there I was thinking I was going to hear something else. Inga ma 1.
23:16(TINTIN): kkkk just jokes. He was freaking amazing. AMAZING shaas! We were at it all night.
23:17(DJ CANDICE): dont joke around pliz.
23:18(TINTIN): You! I lost count of how many times I came. He really rocked me.
23:19(DJ CANDICE): what about his tool?? Any good.
23:19(TINTIN): Its damn beautiful..kkk. They should make a sculpture out of it I swear tourists would flock to Zimbabwe.
23:21(DJ CANDICE): LMAO.. Tell me more I need all the details shaaz not bits and pieces.
23:22(TINTIN): ITS MASSIVE!!! has lovely thickness and really dark. It has quite a lot of veins and a big red head. He’s uncircumcised. It also smells good
23:23(DJ CANDICE): wow.. I need to see it to believe it
23:25(TINTIN): I took an image of it. Im trying to send it to you but my WhatsApp is acting funny today, hamheno why
23:26(DJ CANDICE): I need to see it.
23:27(TINTIN): wait..
23:28(DJ CANDICE): ok.
23:29(TINTIN): I wish I recorded the whole thing but after what happened last time, I was kinda too reluctant
23:30(DJ CANDICE): ah ah ah you cant afford to do that.. Ko the image hasn’t yet arrived
23:31(TINTIN): its WhatsApp taking ages
23:31(DJ CANDICE): ok. so did he teach you any new tricks? what exactly did you guys do
23:32(TINTIN): kkkk yes. Ndakaitwa nyowani. I squirted a few times. I had never done it so when it happened I was like WTF is going on!!
23:33(DJ CANDICE): oh. How does it feel to squirt?? Ive never done that
23:34(TINTIN): it feels so freaking amazing..but when it comes out it feels like you are about to pee.. but its nothing like you have never felt before. Its hard to explain
23:35(DJ CANDICE): ok
23:36(TINTIN): yaah
23:37(DJ CANDICE): hows his oral skills??
22:38(TINTIN): he eats and licks everywhere even the back door hole
23:40(DJ CANDICE): OMG! How did that happen? How does it feel? Did he say he wanted to kana kuti you just ended up doing it
23:41(TINTIN): It just happened. He did it by himself? He just spread my legs and pushed them far back and did his magic. He started with the pussy first and then alternated between pussy and back door.
23:42(DJ CANDICE): How did it feel?
23:43(TINTIN): AMAZING!!! It feels ticklish though at first but he was alternating between the puss and back door saka I was on cloud 9. Made me scream for mama lol.
23:44(DJ CANDICE): lol
23:45(TINTIN): he was pushing his tongue up in my pussy
23:46(DJ CANDICE): damn it mhani. Dhemeti
23:47(TINTIN): lol
23:48(DJ CANDICE): Is he a two minute man like your ex??
22:49(TINTIN): LMAO no no no! one round lasted like twenty minutes… and he can just go banging on and on nonstop. He’d bang me nice and gentle, whip his dick out and then slap my pussy with it, slide it back in again, whip it out, lick the pussy and the back door, spank my back door with the dick, slide it back in again
mboro yakareba
23:50(DJ CANDICE): damn damn damn dhemeti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23:51(TINTIN): lol
23:52(DJ CANDICE): ko iwe did you eat his dick. Hanti you always say the only meat you’ll only eat is a burger from Chicken Inn kkk
23:53(TINTIN): Ah, I forgot I ever lived by that rule lol
23:54(DJ CANDICE): ha ha ha
23:55(TINTIN): I was sucking it like my bank account depended on it shaaz. I was going crazy..slapping my face and tits with it. Precum? It was flying everywhere and I didnt care where as long as it was on me. Ndaizora everywhere all over my face. It had suddenly become my favourite lotion kkk
23:56(DJ CANDICE): ewwwww LMAO
23:57(TINTIN): ewwww futi ??? You! I was wild!! I even went down on my knees with my hands behind my back and told him to fuck my face
23:57(DJ CANDICE): Is he noisy?
23:59(TINTIN): yeah.. he roars, groan and moans a lot and when he cums, the whole room shakes.
00:01(DJ CANDICE): kkkk
00:02(TINTIN): the whole thing was amazing
00:03(DJ CANDICE): was it protected or condomised?
00:04(TINTIN): kkk ah, it started off protected but after the condom tore, I decided kuti it was too good to protect
00:04(DJ CANDICE): lol
00:05(DJ CANDICE): give me 30 minutes.brb
00:07(TINTIN): okay. I might go to bed though saka If im not online ziva kuti Im sleeping
00:08(DJ CANDICE): okay
00:08(TINTIN): ok

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