Sharing your current location is one of the cool features that WhatsApp users have been using. The app tracks your location in genuine-time and allows you to share it with your contacts. This feature is very helpful especially when you are having a meet-up with someone and you don’t know the place you at or if you just want to let your friends know where you are.

However, with Whatsapp tricks, you can also fake your location on WhatsApp to make it appear that you are elsewhere than the original place you are at.

There can be a number of situations when we want to fake our location like preparing a surprise for husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend,

Maybe you want to pull a prank, or you’re out and about and just don’t want anyone to know where you are. Whatever reason you might have, try the trick on sending a fake location.

Ways to make a fake location on Whatsapp:

  1. Open a WhatsApp chat with the person you want to share your location with.
  2. Select Attach (the paperclip or + icon) and tap on Location.
  3. Select the search bar at the top of the map and type in your preferred location.
  4. Manually select a location from the map by typing.
  5. The fake location will now be shared with the person you’re chatting with.

This hack is mostly used by people who don want to review where they are exactly, in some cases, they will be running late, and showing the exact location might ruin things.

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