How To Post An Audio File As Your WhatsApp Status 

Because WhatsApp only allows you to share content in the form of videos, pictures, texts, and GIFs as a WhatsApp status update for 24 hours before they disappear, audio file (music) lovers feel greatly disadvantaged as they are unable to share their favorite music tracks on their statuses.

If you are one of such users who feel shortchanged with this limitation, there are alternatives that can still allow you to add a background audio file on your status;

Record An audio On A Status

Step 1: Have your music played on the background, on the radio, or another audio player which is not your phone.
Step 2: Head over to the WhatsApp status section and tap on the camera option or tap on ‘My status’.
Step 3: Now you can see your camera and videos button in this section. If you click for a longer period, the camera button starts to record a video.
Step 4: After selecting the video recording button, you can see your video is now ready to upload on WhatsApp status after 30 seconds of recording. Step 5: Now you need to tap on the emoji icon located at the top of your screen. Scroll down and find any suitable background color and select the relevant color emoji. Stretch the emoji to cover your screen.
Step 6: Upload your audio file and it will appear in Video format.

Record screen of your mobile phone

Screen recording can also be used to change the format of an audio file to that file permitted on WhatsApp status.
Step 1: You need to have a screen recording application that can be downloaded on Google Play Store.
Step 2: When done, open any audio player on your cell phone and begin playing the song you intend to upload on your status.
Step 3: Open your screen recording application/button to start recording whilst the music is playing on the background.
Step 4: Make sure you play the audio loud and in a place with very little noise. The recorded video of the audio would now be able to be shared as a WhatsApp status.

Convert Audio To Video

You can convert your audio file to a video format using video converter applications. These include,
Adobe Clip
YouCut – Video Editor
KineMaster – Video Editor
Quik – Free Video Editor

How to use Adobe Clip
Step 1: Download Adobe Clip for iPhone or Android, and you have to create a FREE Adobe Account so that you can use it for so many times.
Step 2: Choose an image and an audio file from your latest song or demo (no longer than 30 seconds) on your phone.
Step 3: Add the image to your first clip. If it is too short (Adobe Clip will add a photo for 10 seconds each) copy and paste 3 of the same images after each other.
Step 4: Click on the music icon on top of the app and add your music file. Here you can trim your file to 30 seconds (The length permitted by WhatsApp).
Step 5: Click share and download it to your device. Head over to your WhatsApp and upload the audio file on your WhatsApp status.


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