WhatsApp Adds New ‘Shop’ Button for Businesses to List Products/ Services

WhatsApp is adding a new shopping button on WhatsApp Business in order to make it easier for people to shop for goods and services straight from WhatsApp. WhatsApp had, last month, confirmed the existence of the feature, and said that the shop button will go live globally later on. Today, the Facebook-owned messaging platform is making the shop button live for all WhatsApp Business users.

WhatsApp Adds New 'Shop' Button for Businesses to List Products/ Services
WhatsApp Adds New ‘Shop’ Button for Businesses to List Products/ Services

With the latest update, WhatsApp does not require users to open a business’ website or profile to check out their catalog. Now, when a person sees the shopping button (it looks like a storefront icon), they will immediately know the business has a catalog so they can browse products and start a conversation about an item within the WhatsApp chat window. This will also help businesses in making their products more visible. WhatsApp has made the new shopping button live available now across the world. The button will appear on the top right corner of the screen, replacing the voice call button. The voice call button has been integrated into a cumulative call button, tapping which will open the option to select either a voice or video call.

The Facebook-owned messaging platform aims to make itself a one-stop destination for shopping – from browsing for products, to buying them – WhatsApp aims to serve all kinds of shopping needs in the long run.

In order to use the new feature, WhatsApp users need to go to any business account on WhatsApp. If the seller has uploaded their catalog on WhatsApp, users will se the store shop symbol on the top right corner, in place of the voice call icon. Tapping the store icon will show the products or services that are available. Users can browse the product and see pictures of each product. For making a purchase, users need to tap on the Message Business button below each picture and raise a query.

The store icon will only show if a business has uploaded a catalog on their WhatsApp Business account.

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