Warning About WhatsApp Gold

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Warning About WhatsApp Gold

What is WhatsApp Gold?


WhatsApp Gold is a social media application like WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp and WhatsApp GB. This application is used by scammers to trick or dupe its users into thinking that there is something exciting or new features but it’s just an application created to scam people. WhatsApp Gold is just a fake download update.

According to zigbot.com

WhatsApp Gold, another unofficial version of the famous messaging app has been trending and causing problems for users. Assuring users a plethora of features that the Facebook-owned app does not provide, the app has scammed a lot of people

How people are scammed

Scammers just send a link that will enable people to download WhatsApp .  However, this link is just meant for the users to download the malware.

According to standard.co.uk

Facebook, has previously confirmed that there is no such thing as WhatsApp and it is in fact a hoax. There is also no official version of WhatsApp named.  It is a fake download that sometimes does the rounds and claims to be a version of the messaging app.

What to do if you receive the WhatsApp Gold scam message:

*NB* If you receive that message, you should totally ignore it and delete it as soon as you receive it.

When you download the WhatsApp it will leave your privacy and personal data open to hackers. Such that they can track your movements, and install malware that can capture any data that you input into your browsers or online forms.

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