Whatsapp Status: Easy Way To Set Privacy Settings.

Status updates have been the most interesting feature for nearly every Whatsapp user, with some people expressing how they feel, whats going on in their life or even sharing Bible verses, but not everyone has enough knowledge on how to set Whatsapp Status Privacy settings.

When  Whatsapp was introduced in 2009, Status was the most important feature where instead of saying Available or At school, people would write long texts or even explain their day. In 2017 Whatsapp revamped the status feature and is now similar to Instagram Stories, and the old feature is now simply called About.

The improved status feature comprises videos, photos or text that appear only for 24 hours. There is a dedicated Status tab under which you can post as well as see posts of your contacts. You can set it to My contacts, My contacts except or Only share with.

By default, one’s status updates are shared with all his contacts thus status can be viewed by someone whose number is on your phone’s address book and they have your contact saved on their phone’s address book.  Thanks to the Privacy option, you can either hide your status update from certain people or only share your updates with certain people, without the other excluded contacts noticing. Here are most of the things you need to know on how to update your Whatsapp Status Privacy.

How to change your Whatsapp Status Privacy:

  1. Tap on Status- On Android phones, you tap on the three DOTS that appear on the top right corner then select Status Privacy. For iPhone users tap on Privacy.
  2. Select one of the following options that show up:
    • My contacts: All the contacts on your phone book who have your number saved in their phone book can view.
    • My contacts except…: All your contacts except the people you select will see your status updates.
    • Only share with…: Only the contacts you select will see your status updates.

Steps to follow:

How do set privacy mode Whatsapp Status | SMs2cHaT

Note: If you change the status privacy settings after you have posted a status update, the settings will apply only for the posts that you post from then. The changes will not affect the previous status update.

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