An Easier WhatsApp Search Option On Old Chats

The world’s most popular instant messaging app is planning to roll out new and exciting updates to ease the hassle on retrieving or searching through old chats.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is looking to add a new way to search through old messages.

And this involves going back to the specific time, date, month or year when the text, voice message, video, document or photo was sent.

The new WhatsApp search option feature, which is available in-chat will let you immediately time-travel back to a specific chat you would have searched for through a day, month, or year.

Based on the latest beta, when you launch a search within a chat – you’ll get a rolldown of dates to quickly cycle through.

WhatsApp Search Option On Old Chats
The ability to narrow the search based on a date would be a very useful, complementary addition to the search functionality.

Previously, the WhatsApp search option could be initiated by entering a keyword that was on the chat.

This would take you to a date when the selected or similar chat was sent for you to chose which you wish to view.

This had been a huge hassle to the users. And now that WhatsApp has incorporated an alternative – or rather a supplementary feature to broaden the search options, it is indeed a huge and positive development for the instant messaging users.

This development is however not yet available. Release dates have not yet been released, hence, it can be sooner or later – though there is no guarantee it will be put forward to the public.

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