WhatsApp To Launch New Game Changing Updates

Sooo, WhatsApp is just about to get even more cooler.

Bet it got tired of being usurped by the WhatsApp mods, such that the developers decided to switch their style up.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently testing several new features for Android and iOS users which will be launched once the testing phase is over

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So let’s get to it and see which features WhatsApp is currently testing.

Searching Messages/Chats By Date

This feature will allow users to search for specific chats and messages using dates.

WhatsApp will provide users with a date filter when searching for messages.

According to WABetaInfo, the testing is still on the alpha stages for the Android app.

Share Chat

Whatsapp users can watch videos by ShareChat within WhatsApp in the same way they do YouTube videos.

Searching Images On The Web

This feature will enable WhatsApp users to search for an image on the web, especially in terms of frequently forwarded messages.

One can see the origin of an image and even verify for fake news

New chat bubble colour

WhatsApp wants to change the outgoing chat bubble color in Dark Mode.

A lighter green shade is being tested.


WhatsApp is looking to restructure its storage feature by separating forwarded files and large files using filters.

This will mean WhatsApp users can only be able to view forwarded files in the app and for larger files, they will be updated in a separate section.

Using Your WhatsApp Account On 4 Different Devices

WABetaInfo also confirmed that WhatsApp is testing the feature which allows you to use your WhatsApp account from 4 devices at the same time.


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