WhatsApp’s 5 new features Update

WhatsApp needs no introduction. The omnipresent messaging app has occupied space in our personal as well as professional lives. It keeps on bringing new features. Continuous WhatsApp update means users can get to experience new features.

WhatsApp's 5 new features Update
                         WhatsApp’s 5 new features Update

WhatsApp’s 5 new features are sure to make it more popular than it already is

These are WhatsApp’s Top 5 new features:

Always mute

We can block an undesirable person but what to do when you can’t block a person but still want tp ignore his/her messages?

WhatsApp has rolled out Always Mute option for its beta users on Android and iOS. While muting a chat, this option lets us ‘Always mute’ it instead of just 1 year. This option was spotted on WhatsApp’s update

WhatsApp new features: Storage usage section redesign

A better UI was spotted in the section that dealt with storage usage. This was spotted in Android Beta version v2.20.201.9

The better UI offered more visual cues to manage the storage in a much better way.

WhatsApp new features: Expiring media

This is an extension of ‘expiring messages’. When a user sends an expiring media (Image, GIF, Video etc) It will get deleted from the recipient’s phone as soon as he/she leaves the chat.

WhatsApp new features Update: Multi-device support

This feature lets a user use a single WhatsApp account on different devices. This was spotted in WhatsApp beta for Android

New wallpaper feature

This was spotted in WhatsApp beta for Android

This allows user to choose a different wallpaper based on the theme used in the app.


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