How To Prevent Hackers From Zoom bombing Your Video Calls

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, which has fizzled physical gatherings, several businesses and government agencies, millions of people have had to shift from working at the office to working from home.

Of all the other video call options, Zoom has become the number choice as many homebound people settle into new remote work and learning routines during the pandemic. The platform is being used for everything from business meetings, lessons, debate sessions to virtual casual chats.

However, there are rising security concerns over the use of Zoom as zoom bombing or the hacking of Zoom calls have become more frequent. Unlike other types of cyberattacks, hacking into a Zoom meeting is relatively easy if certain security settings aren’t turned on. The best way to stop Zoombombing is to prevent it in the first place.

Luckily, there are some steps you can use to help keep your zoom video calls more secure and prevent hackers from zoom bombing your zoom video calls.

1) Use a unique ID and password

Initially, when you create a Zoom account, the app assigns you a Personal Meeting ID (PMI). It’s a code that you can give out to people when you want to chat with them. However, in order to prevent zoom bombing, you have to generate a unique ID instead of using the PMI.
The best thing about a unique ID is that the ID is different every time you schedule a new meeting. Moreover, it generates a password automatically that you either use as it is or can change it to your liking. Thus, making it more secure than a PMI.

2) Manage screen sharing

The best way to prevent hackers from disrupting your Zoom video calls is to manage screen sharing. This will prevent anyone from hijacking the screen during a Zoom call to show off disturbing footage to everyone on the call, as only the hosts are allowed to share their screens. You can simply enable this setting in advance or during the video call.

3)Create an Invite-Only Meeting

Another way to prevent hackers from zoom bombing your video calls is to create an invite-only meeting. That means the only people who can join the call are those you invited, and they must sign in using the same email address you used to invite them. It gives you much more assurance that people are who they say they are.

To create an “invite-only meeting” all you have to do is enable the Authentication Profile. This move will definitely help to keep the trolls out and stop Zoombombing attempts.


4) Lock a Meeting Once It Starts

To secure your Zoom meeting, you can lock a meeting once it starts that is if when everyone you would have invited has joined. This move will prevent hackers and uninvited participants from gate crushing your video calls.

To stay connected as you practice social distancing just simply follow the aforementioned tips to prevent hackers from zoom bombing your video calls.



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