5 Best FMWhatsApp Features That Will Blow Your Mind

FMWhatsApp has a lot of new and exciting features that people do not know and use. FMWhatsApp is a must download application because of its cool features with regular updates and it is loved by more than a million users. This article is going to air out most five (5) best FMWhatsApp that will blow your mind.

For FMWhatsApp users to start exploring the amazing features they should follow these steps:

Go to the WhatsApp settings > Click Fouad Mods >

After these steps, all the users will be ready to enjoy the best FMWhatsApp features.

fm whatsapp features

5 Best FMWhatsApp features

  1. Settings(i) Google Play Store
    (ii) PayPal
    (iii) All CRYPTOCURRENCY – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, Litecoin
  2. Fm Themes 

    (i) Download Yo Themes online
    (ii) Load themes stored on SDcard
    (iii) Save your current settings in (WhatsApp / YoMods)
    (iv) Restore Yo Theme – Load Yo Theme stored in (WhatsApp / YoMods)
    (v) Reset Preferences – Sets  back FMWhatsApp default settings
    (vi) Delete all saved / installed themes – Clear all themes in (WhatsApp / YoMods)

  3. Universal 

    (i) Colors – Change
    Universal Color everywhere including UI!
    Universal ActionBar Text – Changes the color of the Actionbar on all screens
    Background – Change Color of Background. Default is White
    Status Bar – Change Color of StatusBar on Every Screen
    Navigation Bar – Change Color of NavigationBar on Every Screen
    Chats Divider – Set  line color between chats(ii) Styles (Look and Feel)
    Font Style – Change font style for FMWhatsApp
    Emoji Variant- Change Emojis variant for FMWhatsApp
    Launcher Icons – Choose your favorite Launcher icon
    Change Notification icon – This is the icon that will appear in your status bar(iii) Hide Media from Gallery
    Hide your – Photos, Videos, GIFs and restart your phone(iv) Backup and Restore
    Backup WhatsApp data – Create a Backup of WhatsApp (Titanium Backup like data backup)

    (V) Settings

    App Language
    Conversation Cards
    Disable Heads-Up Notifications
    Turn on or off  Badge Counter
    Disable Audio Playing
    Increase Forward limit
    Disable Swipe to exit conversation
    Enable Always Online
    Tenor / Giphy GIF provider
    Clear WhatsApp Logs
    Disable Image Share Limit
    Send Images in Full Resolution

  4. FMWA WidgetBackground
    Contact Name Color
    Contact Status Text Color
  5. Conversation screenAction Bar
    Bubble and Ticks
    Conversation Entry StyleMODS
    Custom Wallpaper per conversation
    Profile Pic Wallpaper
    Hide date and name
    Enable Proximity Sensor
    Disable Output SwitchingThese are the best FMWhatsApp features that will blow your mind.

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