Hide Your Contacts Name On WhatsApp So They Don’t Appear On Chats.

Do you want to hide your contacts on WhatsApp, so they don’t appear on your contacts list or WhatsApp chat screen when they send a message?

We’re not talking about deleting said contact because guess what, if you delete the name, the number will still appear and if the person sends you a message, it will still appear on your chats.

There are several reasons why you would not want to make your contacts visible on the chat screen and list. Some of them being sensitivity of messages, privacy and security,the list goes on.

The (slightly) bad news is that you can not do this on ordinary WhatsApp, because it does not have that feature.

The only way to do that on normal WhatsApp is by blocking and deleting said contacts, which you obviously don’t want to do in this case.

Hide Your Contacts Name

Modified versions of WhatsApp can achieve this trick in a matter of seconds.

So first you need to download a modified version of WhatsApp, we tend to favor GBWhatsApp here, but other WhatsApp mods are just as good.

One of the most secure sites we recommend for GBWhatsApp downloads, would be gbmod.co

After you download your GBWhatsApp apk then you install it.

You will be required to go through the mandatory registration process, like entering your phone number, verification, creating security pin. Basically, it’s just like the ordinary WhatsApp process.

If you’re worried about migrating from ordinary WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp and losing your data and chats then you might want to read this article first.

Assuming that you’re done with setup, you can open your GBWhatsApp.

When you open, you’re presented with your chat screen.

Tap and hold the name of the contact you want to hide and WhatsApp will highlight it as selected.

Next, tap on the 3 menu dots on the upper right of your screen and several options will appear.

Select hide.

YOU will be asked to enter the unlock pattern and set your recovery question.

Then you’re done, the contacts will no longer appear on your chats.

To access the Chats, just tap on the WhatsApp title bar at the top of your screen.

Let the chatting begin!


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