5 Simple WhatsApp Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

We’re now so used to WhatsApp that it functions like an extension of our hands, so much that we think we’ve mastered just about anything there is to know about the app.

By now, we know all the tricks and hidden secrets of WhatsApp and how to get around some limitations and loopholes within the application.

5 Simple WhatsApp Hacks

We know where the WhatsApp bodies are buried!

However, here are some simple things which you can do on WhatsApp, you probably didn’t know about.

1.You can send someone a WhatsApp message without typing anything.

You can just dictate words to your systems virtual assistants, like Siri iOS and Google Assistant for Android.

Just say the words Hey Siri or OK Google then ask it to “send a WhatsApp to” followed by the name of your contact, and then say “saying”, followed by your message.
Deal is done!

2.You can hide your phone number using WhatsApp

You need 2 sim cards to pull it off.

First you insert the old sim and use it to activate your WhatsApp.

Next put in the new sim card and when prompted by WhatsApp , choose the option to remain with the old number.

No one will get your new number even if they have you on WhatsApp!

3.Did you know WhatsApp has a typewriter font? Hello Ernest Hemingway!

Simply go to the punctuations tab on your chat then to you enclose your message with three characters of ` on either side of the whole text.

Once you send the message, it will be delivered in typewriter font.

4.Did you know you can turn your videos into GIFs on WhatsApp.

Just go on any chat with your contacts, click the + icon on the bottom left.

Next you tap on Photo & Video Library which appears on the popup menu and select a video from your library.

Please note it must be under 64MB.

Now for the video editing part, in the viewer just slide the video length cropper to not more than 5 seconds.

Your self made GIF is ready!

5.Last but not least, some of y’all still tap on the reply arrow at the top of your WhatsApp chat screen to reply to a specific message, please stop.

Just swipe the WhatsApp message you wish to reply, to the right and it will send regulate for you to reply.

So let’s try out some of these simple hacks and make life easier!


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