WhatsApp New Animated Stickers

WhatsApp is as of now utilized and cherished by in excess of 2 billion individuals around the globe. While the messenger mobile and desktop application’s main focus stays on providing a straight forward, dependable and private path for individuals to communicate with loved ones.

Whatsapp additionally strives to keep on pushing forward its product design to ensure it remains the most valuable route for anybody, anyplace to associate and what better way to do this than to introduce new animated stickers for a dash of color and fun !

In this article we’re checking out the next updates on WhatsApp for various platforms, particularly new animated stickers which were already present on IOS. This update incorporates

  • new Animated Stickers,
  • upgraded QR codes,
  • and Dark Mode for WhatsApp web on desktop.

In the event that you’re working with video calls, you’ll find the as of late upgraded ability to recollect 8 people for a call.

Some of the updates will be available within the upcoming weeks, in the latest versions of Whatsapp! More importantly we are psyched about the animated stickers that are now available for Android phones.

Whatsapp Updates for July 2020
New Whatsapp Updates for July 2020

The new Whatsapp animated stickers energized sticker packs are what Whatsapp labels as progressively fun and expressive than anything that has been accessible previously. Underneath you’ll see a video with notes on what we can expect…

WhatsApp has revealed the much-anticipated enlivened stickers to its users over the globe. Reporting the equivalent, the Facebook owned application tweeted from its official Twitter account saying,

“Animated stickers are available now.”

Whatsapp new animated stickers packs are currently showing up next to the ordinary sticker packs in Google Play Store. The enlivened stickers are accessible on both Android and iOS and it will likewise be accessible for the desktop variant.

To install the animated sticker packs, you can click on the download icon in the sticker store and also preview the stickers simply by tapping on them. Once you have downloaded and installed the pack, it will appear on the stickers section that was already prevalent. One may add more and use them in chats.

New Animated Stickers for Whatsapp 2020

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